Smart TV Manufacturers Unhappy with Google

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Google TVAccording to ETNews, Google has been a tad miffed about Smart TV developers who’ve opted to move to a universal, HTML5-based app structure instead of adopting Google TV, and has been taking it out on TV makers by placing a barrier to entry for such TVs trying to access YouTube, in the form of “Browser Conformity” tests. This is a big deal for the Asian market, because Smart TV features are most popular in areas of the world where personal computer penetration is low, and if the YouTube app isn’t there and working well, people are just not going to buy your TV.

According to industry insiders, Google has demanded HTML5-based smart TV operators should place the YouTube app on the main service page and pass Google US headquarters’ smart TV browser conformity tests.

The relevant industry is criticizing Google’s such rules as a violation of their right of choice. Smart TV operators have opted for HTML5 to escape from the clout of Android-based Google TV, so Google’s new requirements put brakes on HTML5-based smart TV operators.

Apparently these conformity tests can take months to come back, and have already delayed product introductions from Samsung. After the bomb that was the Logitech Revue, and pretty much total disinterest in the Google TV platform as a whole, this really does kind of look like a hissy fit on Google’s part, but of course, we’re only getting one side of the story here. At any rate, it’s certainly not good for the Smart TV market. In my opinion, Google should concentrate on adapting its existing tech to a turnkey solution that supports the new universal framework, that way they can benefit along with the rest of us.

Via: [ETNews]

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