CE Week: The Key to Success Isn’t a Key at All

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The tagline for the Kevo reads: “The Evolution of the key is coming.” UniKey’s partnership between Kwikset and Weiser made its mark on CE Week as Unikey’s first product to employ Unikey’s touch-to-open technology, and I was lucky enough to get a demo.

The Unikey CE Week booth displaying Kevo

If you’ve ever lost your keys, you understand the frustration of having practically your entire life dependent on something so easily misplaced. Well with Kevo, all you need is your smartphone and then a simple touch of the door’s lock as seen in this video:

The Kevo Mobile App

The Kevo Mobile App

You’ll need to download the Kevo mobile app onto your compatible smartphone, but it’s free on the Apple App Store. However, if you don’t have a smartphone there’s no need to feel left out of the Kool Kevo Key Klub (alliteration points)! Users can also use the Kevo Flob included with the lock, and it is just as easy as using your smartphone.

The cool thing is that Kevo lets you send, receive and delete keys on the Kevo app, which means your children won’t need to worry about losing their keys either (since we’ve all been that kid). And the lock won’t open if you’re on the inside of the door, which means no one is getting into your house that shouldn’t be getting into your house. Talk about peace of mind! And you can get in-app notifications of all the Kevo activity, which means your new nickname could easily be The Curfew Enforcer Extraordinaire (or something of your choosing).

The Kevo will be available in the United States and Canada in the near future, but you can sign up here to preorder your Kevo lock.

And in the meantime you can follow them on twitter for all the latest announcements @UniKeyTech

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