SVS Sweetens 45-Day Trial with Free Return Shipping

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SVS Ultra SpeakersOne of the few complaints I have about direct internet sales is the issue of risk. If you want to try out the new Denon receiver for yourself or hear Infinity’s new speakers, you can just bop down to your local Best Buy and make up your own mind. With direct-to-consumer companies like SVS, though, you’re at the mercy of professional reviewers, whose taste may not always line up completely with yours, and who often as not disagree.

So maybe you were taken in by my review of SVS’s PB-1000 subwoofer. Maybe my descriptions were sufficiently thorough enough to let you know if one or more of these beasts is right for your home theater or media room. But maybe not. Maybe you want to hear one for yourself, in your room.

Thankfully, SVS let’s you do that. As I said in my review, the company has long touted its 45-day return policy, but today, it sweetened the pot by tearing down another barrier to entry: you can now try out an SVS subwoofer or speaker system for 45 day, and the company will pay for shipping. Both ways if you end up not digging the gear.

And it’s not limited to single items. You could even order a complete SVS 7.2-channel Ultra Series Surround speaker system, decide four weeks later that it’s just not your bag, and the company will foot the bill for return shipping.

From the press release:

Because the company sells primarily consumer-direct, an audition period is a natural way for SVS to back up the confidence they have in a growing product line, while giving potential customers every opportunity to validate a product’s worth. To make it even easier, as part of SVS’ “No Hassle Returns”, SVS invests in extra sturdy and secure packaging designed for easy re-boxing should a product need to be returned.

“We cut our teeth selling internet direct, where the customer often sees and hears SVS audio gear for the first time after it arrives in their home, so we know it needs to exceed all expectations if we expect the customer to keep the product,” said Gary Yacoubian, SVS president and managing partner. “This was a logical extension of the product performance and price/value proposition that is already in our DNA.”

For more information, check out the newly update SVS Customer Bill of Rights.

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