Sony Re-Patents “PlayStation TV”

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PlayStation TV

Sony originally patented PlayStation TV back in the mid-aughts, but let the hold on the trademark lapse about five years ago. But the company has now refiled the patent. Why, exactly?

Sony released a PlayStation-branded 3D television a few years back, but judging by all the clearance sales it didn’t strike a lot of people’s fancies. Could it be that the time is right for another attempt in that market? Could be, but I think a better guess would be that Sony’s gaming division is reacting to Microsoft’s re-branding of all its media offerings on all platforms under the Xbox banner. “PlayStation TV” could also be a thing that leaks over into Sony’s SmartTV platforms in the near future, as well as its 4K Media boxes. Who knows? The goods and services covered under the patent encompass pretty much everything under the sun, so Sony isn’t limiting itself to any one thing.

Sony has definitely been all about synergy since the launch of PlayStation 3, which shared its XrossMediaBar with the company’s TVs and DVD players and even some portable devices, so all of this lines up directly with its standard MO. Given that Sony is refiling this patent now, it probably is in some way a response to the Xbox One’s media abilities, and we probably won’t see the end result until CES at the very least.

Via: [US Patent Office]

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