Life Sized Holograms Are Just a Kickstart Away from Being a Reality

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When I first stumbled across the Kickstarter project for ProVision 3D Media’s HoloVision — “The First Free-Floating LIFE-SIZE HOLOGRAM!” it promises; “No Screens. No Glasses. No Tricks.” — I was all like:

Skeptical Hippo is Skeptical

The more I dig into the company’s project, though, as well as its history, and the details of the Kickstarter project, I’m starting to think these guys may actually pull off one of the biggest geek dreams of the past four decades. What numbed my skepticism? Mainly the fact that ProVision is already making a name for itself in holographic advertising applications.

Granted, the trip from holographic kiosks to fully free-standing six-foot-tall holograms is a big one, and that’s where your Kickstarter dollars will come in. The company is looking to raise $950,000 in the next 28 days to help fund the development of a new optical system and proprietary light source.

The low-level rewards for a project like this are the typical t-shirt, name-on-a-website type offerings. But if you chip in $299 or more, ProVision is promising to deliver your own Kickstarter-exclusive miniature prototype hologram that projects a three-inch free-floating static image “right in the palm of your hand.” Up the pledge to $2,000, and you could be one of the life-sized holograms that ProVision projects at its unveiling party.

HoloVision Holograms

No, I don’t think it will actually look anything like this, but we’ll see.

That’s the prototype, of course. As for actual applications, ProVision says this:

The first application for our life-size holographic display will be for video games, where players will be able to actually “see” a floating digital holographic image, and be able to “touch” and interact with the hologram using Provision’s proprietary gesture recognition platform.  Imagine playing Halo with Cortana actually projected from your screen in true Holographic form!

We envision secondary applications including holographic cell phones, televisions, and computers; with uses in education, the medical field, apparel, social networking, video conferencing, and military – virtually any application that currently uses a traditional 2D display.  The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations!

The $299 pledge rewards are going fast (at the time of writing, 132 of 150 have already been claimed), and when they’re gone, your own miniature hologram will set you back $349. Imagine how much money ProVision could raise, though, if they offered a little Leia hologram for, say, $600, with a $100 add-on to replace her senatorial robes with her slave bikini.

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  • John

    Other than a unit delivered to Nigeria, have you ever seen one of these successful 3D kiosks in the flesh? I’ve not – despite the fact that the list Safeway as one of their partners with “over 800″ units committed.

    That aside, as a reference, today, there’s probably not a lot of need to hurry, as only 27 of the 3 inch units have been claimed at the bargain price of $299.

    Here’s hoping your hippo is wrong.

  • Dennis Burger

    Nope! Haven’t seen a single one with my own eyes.

    And you’re right, it looks like this Kickstarter project is dead in the water.