The Coolest New Smart Tech for Your Home Is… Bedding?!

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Imagine having a bed that practically makes itself. Like me, your mind probably jumped straight to some new-fangled technology that rolls out fresh sheets from a dispenser at the foot of the bed, or a Rosie-style robot to do the tucking and folding for you every morning. But the Smart Bedding Kickstarter project I just stumbled upon via NPR isn’t quite that high-tech. Still, the goal of smart home technology is to make life simpler, easier, and more enjoyable, right? Well, what could be simpler and easier than this?

If you don’t have time to watch the video, Smart Bedding consists of a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and a duvet cover, the latter two of which literally snap together at the edges to keep your sheets from bunching up or sliding off the bed. And if things get a little toasty, the snaps easily release, allowing you to just use the top sheet (or, of course, throw in the wash once a week). That’s the basic three-piece system. You can also opt for a seven-pieces set that includes two pillow cases and two shams, and you can mix and match your choice of four colors: ember red, charcoal gray, dew blue, and snowman white.

Smart Bedding

Packages start at $89 for a three-piece Twin set, and go up to $169 for a full seven-piece King-sized set.

Kickstarter project page: [Smart Bedding – Never Make Your Bed Again]

Via: [NPR]

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