Amazing NeverWet Spray Could Make Water-Damaged Electronics a Thing of the Past

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NeverWet protects a fully submerged iPhoneIf you’ve never dropped your iPhone in a toilet, spilled beer on your favorite remote control, gotten caught in the rain while playing your Vita, or otherwise ruined an electronic device with moisture of some form or another, congratulations. Rust-Oleum’s amazing new NeverWet spray is not for you.

For the rest of us? Check out this little slice of hydrophobic amazingness:

If you’re getting bored watching liquids slide magically off of treated surfaces, skip forward to the 3:21 for a demonstration that’s sure to make your butt pucker. NeverWet research chemist Ger Lor not only treats an iPhone inside and out with the two-step protective spray, but them proceeds to submerge the thing completely underwater for what seems like forever and then — without even soaking it in rice! — fire it back up and continue to use the sopping-wet-but-fully-functional device.

Where can I buy this magical NeverWet substance? I hear you asking. It’s available now at Amazon, but you can save a few bucks by heading down to your local Home Depot and picking up a can in person.

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h/t: [Scott Neumyer]

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