Director of the Amazing “Star Wars Begins” Takes You “Inside Jaws”

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Inside JawsRemember that amazing fan-created documentary I posted last year about the making of Star Wars? The director of that piece, Jamie Benning, is back with a new love letter to classic cinema in the form of Inside Jaws, an amazing 2.5-hour “filmumentary” that — as with Star Wars Begins — combines archival interviews, new Skype interviews, alternate scenes, outtakes, deleted scenes behind-the-scenes footage, and textual tidbits of trivia into a massive, exhaustive exploration of Jaws that mimics the narrative structure of the film itself.

As with Benning’s previous efforts, the beauty of Inside Jaws is its depth and passion. I just don’t see any major motion picture studio putting together a work like this, much less releasing it. It’s everything you never thought you wanted to know about the making of one of the greatest blockbusters of the past four decades, so take the time and check it out.

If you’d rather watch the documentary via your streaming media player in the home theater or living room, you can also download mobile or HD mp4 files (at 480p or 720p, respectively), as well as the original 1280×720 .mov file.

I don’t care how you watch it, though. Just watch it. Benning doesn’t make a dime from his filmumentaries. They’re true labors of love. And ever ounce of that love is evidenced in every frame of Inside Jaws.

And while you’re at it, check out his excellent Raiding the Lost Ark, as well.

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