A Deeper Look at Control4’s New Gen3 Wireless Lighting

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The new issue of Technology Integrator is out this week, and with it comes an in-depth story I wrote on Control4’s new third-generation wireless lighting control products.

As you may have guessed, given the venue, the article has a definite custom-installer focus. But there is, I hope, quite a bit of useful information for customer too about the capabilities and enhanced functionality of the system, as well as the depth of the product line. Here’s a snippet:

Control4 Gen3 Wireless Lighting KeypadsOver the past decade, Control4 has made incredible strides in the areas of entertainment control, comfort automation, security integration and monitoring, and even complete compatibility with third-party lighting control systems. But in those 10 years, its own wireless lighting hardware has been a bit minimalist in terms of scope: a dimmer, a switch, a few keypads and tabletop and outlet controls.

Until now, that is. Control4 has introduced a robust new line of fully featured wireless lighting devices, including adaptive phase dimmers compatible with virtually any type of load; wireless ceiling fan speed controls; keypad dimmers that transform any switch into a sophisticated combination lighting and automation controller; auxiliary keypads for three-way dimming; dedicated switches; 10v dimmers; 277v dimmers—everything you could possibly want from an advanced lighting control line, all simply and easily programmed from within the Control4 Composer Pro software.

Add to that complete compatibility with the company’s new panelized solution, and it’s hard to imagine any lighting control situation—residential or commercial—that Control4 can’t handle.

Before you really dig into the technological innovations of Control4’s new wireless lighting solution, though, it’s hard not to notice the stunning aesthetics of the new lineup. Control4 senior product manager Scott Stephenson  says of the new design,

“I will be the first to admit that our previous product line—although it’s served us very well—is not something that someone is going to put in a multimillion-dollar house and say, ‘Yes, that looks fantastic!’ So we spent a lot of time upfront on industrial design to ensure that our entire lighting lineup would look gorgeous in any environment.”

That new look has a lot to do with why Control4 is introducing such an expansive lineup all at once. “The world is changing around us with regard to lighting,” Stephenson says. “There’s incredible growth of LEDs, and we knew we needed to have a product line that addresses that properly, and addresses it intelligently, in one product. That’s why the Adaptive Phase Dimmer was at the center of the entire design process.”

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