New RTI Expansion Modules Expand Control System’s Reach

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RTI RCM-4 Relay Control ModuleThere are few things in the world of home automation quite so frustrating as having plenty of processing power at your disposal, but no control ports available for a new device. First World problems, I know. But thankfully RTI (Remote Technologies Incorporated) has a First World solution with its new line of Ethernet-enabled expansion modules for RTI control systems. The RCM-4 relay control module, ESC-2 serial control module, and PCM-4 port control module ensure that no matter what device you want to add to your control system — and no matter where it’s located — you’re covered in terms of connectivity.

The PCM-4 adds one 12-volt trigger output and four multipath I/O ports capable of handling IR signals, power sensing, and one-way RS-232, all of which connect back to the main RTI XP series control processor by way of IP. If you need two-way RS-232 via serial, the ESC-2 adds two bi-directional ports for that. And the RCM-4 adds four relays that can be configured as either open or closed by default, for controlling window shades, screen lifts, and other relay devices.  The RCM-4 also includes an IR input port for additional local control capabilities. Both the PCM-4 and RCM-4 can also be powered by way of their own included power supplies, or Power over Ethernet.

Programming promises to be simple thanks to RTI’s Integration Designer software, and there doesn’t seem to be a hard limit on how many expansion modules you can add tot he system.

From the press release:

“The PCM-4, ESC-2, and RCM-4 allow installers to provide their clients with discrete control over devices in every room throughout an installation, while maintaining the benefits of having one centralized control system for lighting, HVAC, multi-zone audio, and more,” said Pete Baker, vice president of sales and marketing for RTI. “By utilizing Ethernet networks and eliminating the need for multiple processors, this line of modules provides our dealers with these advantages at a dramatically reduced cost.”

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