Kaleidescape Breaks Down Barrier to Entry with $3,995 Cinema One

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The Kaleidescape Cinema OneOur pal John Sciacca has the scoop on Kaleidescape’s new, more affordable Blu-ray based system, the Cinema One, which doesn’t replace the company’s $15,000 Premiere Line of rack-based movie server systems, but rather replicates the experience in less expensive, more compact chassis that doesn’t require custom installation.

The Cinema One can be easily summed up as a $3,995 Blu-ray player with a built-in 4TB hard drive, capable of storing 100 Blu-rays, 600 DVDs, or 6,000 CDs, and although it can’t be integrated into Kaleidescape’s Premiere Line of server systems, you can add a second Cinema One for a network-based two-room system with double the storage.

Of course, for playback of Blu-ray movies, the Cinema One does have to have access to the physical Blu-ray itself (unless, of course, you bought a digital copy of the Blu-ray from the Kaleidescape Store instead of ripping it yourself), but the player is also fully compatible with the company’s $5,495.00 DV700 Disc Vault, which stores up to 320 discs. As for why you would want to go through that trouble, The Sciacca says this:

Cinema One will offer the same playback and browsing experience of the pricier M-class players, which are now part of the Premiere Line along with the existing 1U and 3U servers. Same outstanding video quality, same library management, same gorgeous high-res cover art interface, same access to the download store, same support of all major automation and control platforms, same experience via the awesome Kaleidescape iPad control app, same CinemaScape video-processing for 2.35 screens, same terrific parental controls and kid’s remote.

The Cinema One is available now, and unlike its forebears, you can buy this beauty directly from the Kaleidescape website and install it yourself.

For Sciacca’s first impressions and way (way) more info than you would ever need, check out the source link below.

Via: [Sciacca Writes… Kaleidescape for the price of your daily Starbucks]

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