Best Buy Reveals Secrets of Successful Flat Screen TV Pickup

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While most TV buyers (at least in our enthusiast demographic) but a lot of forethought into buying a new flat screen TV — clearing the space, setting out the cables, and having all things ready for the new bundle of joy — what a lot of purchasers apparently neglect to think about is how they’re actually going to get that new TV from point A to point B.  In other words, from the store to home. Via The Consumerist, though, comes some handy tips from the a Best Buy employee, spelling out exactly what you should and shouldn’t do when you come to pick up your new set.

In my experience, the biggest mistake is almost always placing the flat screen TV flat on its back, which can make the first bump you take your  flat screen TV’s last, because it sends shocks through the fragile glass screen. But you can’t break your TV in the first place if it won’t fit in the car. And indeed, that’s the first tip:

This is especially true for plasma TVs, explains A, as these sets need to be shipped standing upright if you don’t want to risk damaging the glass.

“Best Buy cannot be held liable if you drove 70 miles to our store and you don’t want free delivery on your 51″ plasma because you thought for sure it would fit in your Ford Escape and you want it right now so you lay it flat on its side,” says A.

There’s tons more advice where that came from about getting to the store and getting home quickly and safely with your brand new video beast — tips that also apply if you simple have to move the set down the road. Sometimes the simplest solutions is the thing we think of last, and I have the scars to prove it.

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