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Wines That Rock Dark Side of the MoonIt’s pretty obvious that I like music. A lot. What many of you probably don’t know is that I’m a bit of a foodie. Not one of the snobby ones, but I do discern between a good burger and a mediocre one, a great French meal and one that is doing things wrong or by the numbers, a superior steakhouse and one that is cutting corners.  I could go on.  One thing that goes with many of these meals is a good glass of wine.  And when it comes to wines, I tend to go for reds, more on the full-bodied side of things.  Again, I’m no wine snob but I do like a good glass of vino with my meal.

Last week was my birthday —  Yay me! I’m still alive! — and during the celebration one of my dear friends and his wife sent me a bottle of wine via Facebook’s gift service.  The wines are provided by a company called Wines That Rock, which, on the face of it, is right up my alley: Cool wines with nifty labels designed with iconic rock images.  Last time I got something like this was one of the Frank Zappa beers from Lagunitas Brewing Company (I got the one featuring the inside of Zappa’s Absolutely Free album with the phrase “Kill Ugly Radio” on it), a tasty beer and a fun memory that I keep on my desk as a memento.

So I was excited about the choices posed by Wines That Rock, especially Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and The Grateful Dead’s Steal Your Face.  While the latter album was not the band’s best moment, the cover was indeed one of the band’s most iconic, and it has graced many other recordings, t-shirts, bumper stickers, jackets, and other places where people like to show their love for their favorite band.

Wines That RockSo I was looking at the choices available from Wines that Rock, and narrowed it down from the five options to the ones mentioned above. I began the check out process, which was easy enough via the Facebook interface.  Everything was groovy until the actual moment came to choose a wine and they showed only two options, neither of which I was particularly interested in: The Police’s Synchronicity was a red and the Woodstock tribute was a Chardonnay (white wines are not my thing for the most part).  I backed out a few times and tried it again, same options cropped up.  Grump!

I decided to wait until the next day to process my order and called customer service at Wines That Rock to let them know of the problem. I also wrote to Facebook for help.  Both sides said the other was responsible for the issue! Frustrated, and not wanting to make a big dealio about it all, I decided to just take The Police Synchronicity wine figuring I’d share it with someone at a birthday party I’m going to this weekend and that would be it.

Wines That Rock Steal Your FaceThe wine arrived today and I unpacked the lovingly boxed wine only to find that the label on The Police wine was torn!  Arrrggghhh!

This, from a collector’s perspective, reduces the bottle’s inherent memento value. I mean, I wouldn’t regift it to a friend who is into the Police due to the tear. And, again, I’m not a huge Police fan to begin with. So I decided to call up the company’s customer service again and let them know of the problem; I like supporting companies that are trying to do something cool and different, and I also like to give them the chance to correct their mistakes.

This time I spoke with Rosie, who was surprised herself when I recounted all I’d been through, and agreed that at the end of the day the label shouldn’t be ripped.  She asked for my number and promised to look into it and call me back once she got approval to replace the wine. And true to her word, she did!  Not only that, she called with good news: because of all I’d been through in this experience, they found a bottle of the original Dark Side of the Moon wine I’d wanted in the first place and they are sending it to me.

I offered to send back the torn-label Police wine but they insisted I keep and enjoy it.  Now that, dear readers, is what customer service is all about: helping to resolve a customer’s situation and then some.

I haven’t even tasted the wines yet but I’m happy to support a company that goes to this length to ensure that their customers are happy. That is what it’s all about folks.  Can’t wait to try the wine this weekend!

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