Did You Get Three Free Months of Netflix with Your Chromecast?

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Google’s new Chomecast stream stick has garnered quite the reaction since it’s introduction earlier this week, selling out almost instantly. Not only is it a cheap media streamer, but the first batch of sticks came with three free months of Netflix, effectively driving the price down to a little over $10.

Of course, the only customers who definitely got those three months of free Netflix were the ones who snatched up a Chromecast early enough. While Chromecast is guaranteeing the offer for anyone who ordered before 5:31PM on Wednesday (which means you had to order it within the first four hours), the rest of us Amazon shoppers are out of luck.

If you ordered direct from Google, things are slightly rosier, as they’ll be honoring purchases up through Thursday at 1PM Pacific.  If you didn’t make the cut for the free Netflix, fret not, as you still got a pretty cool and compact Smart TV stick for $35. Not too shabby.

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