NuForce Icon DAC Goes Straight to the (Android) Source

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NuFoce Icon DACNuForce has released a new addition to its line of DACs and headphone amps that should be of particular interest to you Android fans in the audience. The new Icon DAC not only features 32-bit digital-to-analog conversion for Macs and PCs, but also serves as an audiophile caliber DAC and headphone amp for phones and tablets running Android 4.1.1 or later with USB OTG Audio capabilities, including HTC ONE X, Samsung S3, SONY Xperia Z, and all newer versions of those devices.

And if you have none of those devices (nor want to use it with your personal computer), the Icon DAC also includes a stereo mini-jack input.

Attach it via USB to your Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine, though, and you’ll be able to unlock one of the Icon DAC’s more interesting capabilities: full DSD decoding.

For any and all sources, though, the Icon DAC features a proprietary amp stage capable of driving even the most demanding 600Ω loads, 24V rail-to-rail supply voltage to the amplifier, and a high-resolution TOCOS  linear volume control.

From the press release:

“With the advent of Smartphones and their enormous storage capabilities, a great many audio enthusiasts have been longing for a quality DAC/headphone amp they can simply plug directly into in order to experience their favorite music delivered with vivid clarity,” said Jason Lim, NuForce CEO.  “We’ve created a solution for Android users that we believe is comprehensive and fills the void.”

Icon DAC is a diverse device that can be used in the home or office.  The Icon DAC can be used as a DAC, a headphone amp or a preamp utilizing the secondary analog input for stereo signals from most home-audio and mobile sources.  The DAC is packed with the latest technology and accepts PCM sample rates up to 96kHz.

MSRP for the Icon DAC is $299. 

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