Sony and Panasonic Working on 300GB Optical Disc

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300GB Disc IllustrationBefore we talk about Sony and Panasonic‘s new 300GB optical disc format, which was just announced this week, there are some nearly universal truths about the optical disc market that we need to discuss:

1. New optical disc formats are proposed, and lab samples demonstrated fairly often.

2. Of those, maybe one in ten will be introduced as a commercial product, in some form.

3. Of those, one in twenty will succeed.

So in a nutshell, don’t expect to see Sony and Panasonic’s joint optical effort housing 4K media in 2015 when they finally become available. The press release from Sony indicates that the discs are intended as a form of blank media for data backup, and although it hardly measures up to the petabyte discs we told you about a while back, just remember that that was a lab experiment; this is a joint effort from two major corporations.

Now you may be asking yourself, “With 4K around the corner, why aren’t Sony and Panasonic looking at this as a successor to Blu-ray?” Well, the short answer is: it’s not needed. Sony’s 4K movies on its FC-1 hard drive peripheral are coming in at over-burned Blu-ray capacities, and 100GB BD-XL discs have proven impractical to manufacture in the quantities needed for a commercial video product, and we can only conclude that these discs will be even harder to make the next DVD.

Sony and Panasonic’s goal is to create a shelf-stable, long-term optical storage medium that does everything that backup tape does now, with all the advantages that CD brought to the table. With more stable dyes, less sensitive to temperature, light, or warping, this will not only significantly reduce the storage space required, but ensure that the data is kept around for future generations.

Via: [Sony Press Release]

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