Commercial Break App Tells You When the Show Is Back

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Commercial Break AppCommercial Break, a new app currently in beta testing, lets you know exactly when your show comes back, enabling you to watch in real time without being nagged to buy toothpaste.

The app monitors the signal for the black frames placed between show and commercial, and pings the app when it thinks the show is back.

Currently testing in the New York area, the app covers not only the major broadcast networks, but a bunch of national cable channels too. Currently monitored channels include ABC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, ESPN2, FOX, NBC, TNT, TBS, and USA.

Commercial Break’s unique algorithms identify the end of commercial breaks by analyzing dozens of cues from audio and video signals, 40 times per second. To use the app, viewers simply select the channel they’re watching to start getting instant alerts when commercials end.

So whether you’re taking potty breaks or basting the roast, this app will make sure you don’t miss a minute, without having to wait fifteen minutes before you start watching to give your DVR to suck up enough show to avoid the ad breaks. After a test run in New York on the iPhone, the app will expand to Android devices and additional markets.

Get Commercial Break on the iTunes App Store.

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