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DISH Explorer GetGlue Check InI’ll admit, I haven’t dipped my toes into the GetGlue waters yet, but I constantly see friends “checking in” via the app on Facebook. If you’re not hip to GetGlue, it’s an app that let’s you let your friends know what you’re watching, find similar shows to watch, and earn bonuses like stickers and discounts for checking in. Until now, the only way to check in was either via the GetGlue app, website, or DirecTV’s onscreen UI. Dish announced today that it’s bringing the GetGlue experience directly to the most logical spot for Dish integration: its Explorer second screen app.

Now Hopper users can check in, real time, while browsing programming from the Explorer app. In fact, it’s the first third-party mobile app that GetGlue has allowed to access its media feed. So from the looks of it, you’ll be able to get all of the benefits of GetGlue’s social media integration and rewards program without having to open another app. Via the press release:

GetGlue’s media feed tracks real-time activity for approximately 35,000 shows and 50,000 movies and current sporting events. Information within the media feed includes a mix of official and fan-generated programming content including pictures, comments, videos, recaps and tweets.

Additionally, GetGlue’s integration with DISH Explorer allows users to earn rewards from various entertainment partners when they check-in to shows. GetGlue check-ins within DISH Explorer can also automatically populate to a user’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

“Social media users regularly check-in to restaurants and venues to show their friends what they’re up to, and the beauty of integrating GetGlue is it takes this concept into the world of television,” said Vivek Khemka, senior vice president of product at DISH. “GetGlue’s inclusion in DISH Explorer fits perfectly with how our customers use the app, to better discover, experience and connect with their favorite programs while also being able to interact with fellow fans of those programs.”

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