Netflix Adds Individual Profile Support

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Netflix profiles overviewNetflix has finally answered everyone’s prayers. No longer will you have to dig through Mom’s queue of British dramas to get to your Schwarzenegger fix. And no more will your buddies think you have a My Little Pony habit while browsing for more manly fare. Each member of the household can have his or her own profile, with personalized recommendations, and can be connected to individual Facebook accounts so that you keep everything in one place. Netflix’s Eddy Wu explains:

I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences, where you sat down to find something great to watch on Netflix, but it looks like your spouse has been binging on those teenage supernatural dramas you can’t stand, or your kids have filled your viewing history with animated sheep.

Starting today, up to five different profiles can be managed under a single account. Now, don’t give in to your baser impulses to share accounts with four friends across the country, because there are people watching for that, and developing new profiles that are constantly being accessed from locations hundreds or thousands of miles apart is a good sign that someone is up to no good.

Updates should be being pushed out to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, Smart TVs, and Blu-ray players over the next week or so.

Via: [Netflix Blog]

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