VOCO and Murfie Team Up for Lossless Cloud Streaming

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murfie plus VOCOYou guys may remember the VOCO V-Zone Voice Controlled Wireless Multi-room Music System I reviewed last year — a sort of Siri-meets-Sonos sound system that relies heavily on voice recognition for searches and such. VOCO has been constantly expanding on the system’s capabilities, adding new app support and so forth, but its latest upgrade may be its biggest yet. VOCO has teamed up with Murfie HiFi to deliver voice-activated, streaming lossless audio from the cloud.

Subscribers of the Murfie HiFi service will now be able to send in their CDs, have them ripped in the FLAC format, and access the tunes via a cloud locker, which the VOCO Controller App can access and stream at will. Only Murfi HiFI subscribers will be able to stream losslessly to VOCO, and the $99/year subscription also gets you $1 off all CD purchases, free CD trades, and a 100 disc kit — which means that the ripping and warehouse storage of your first 100 CDs is free.

VOCO and Murfie are also teaming up for an album captioning contest on Facebook and Twitter. “How can I enter?” you ask?

It’s simple. Starting right now, users can find their favorite album covers on Murfie and then share them on Facebook and Twitter with a clever caption. We won’t lie — humor helps, but you don’t have to be a comedian to win! We’re also big fans of sarcasm, irony, and current event relevance. More info:

  • All entries must include hastag #MurfieVOCO as part of the text (or we can’t find them!)
  • Posts must be viewable. Yes, this means non-private Twitter accounts and public Facebook posts (or we still can’t find them!)
  • Sorry, no Photoshopping the album art.
  • You have to be a US resident, and you can’t work for either Murfie or VOCO
  • The deadline to get your captions out there is August 22nd at noon (EST)!
  • Full contest rules and information available at

Prizes range from a VOCO VSPOT, a year Murfie HiFi, and $100 Murfie store credit (a $600 value) to one year of Murfie Gold (a $25 value).

Of course, before you get all excited about this, I would recommend downloading VOCO’s free app for iPhone or Android and give it a try first. Despite numerous improvements to the app, it still struggles with my voice — which Siri understands just fine, I might add. VOCO has no idea what to do with searches for “Björk,” and even struggles at times with seemingly simple queries like “Lyle Lovett.” Your mileage, of course, may vary.

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