LG Sticks by Its Guns on Higher Curved OLED TV Pricing

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LG Is Ahead of the CurvePerhaps the biggest bomb dropped by Samsung in the unveiling of its new curved OLED TVs yesterday in New York was the pricing: instead of the $14,999 price tag originally announced for the display, the company revealed that the KN55S9C would sell for $8,999 — six thousand cheaper than anticipated, and six thousand cheaper than its closest competitor, the LG 55EA9800 CURVED OLED TV.

And I don’t think I’m out of line in saying that everyone expected LG to follow suit with a similar price drop. Yeah, not so much. Colleague Jeff O’Heir is reporting at Dealerscope that LG isn’t just sticking with its much more expensive sticker, it’s doubling down on the rhetoric:

Shortly after the Samsung launch, LG sent pictures to journalists of the company’s giant billboard in Times Square that now features the CURVED OLED along with these messages: “Why wait? LG is ahead of the curve” and “LG Curved OLED TV — In stores NOW.” (This time the capitalization was switched from “Curved” to “NOW,” but we get the picture.)

And LG’s USA vice president John Taylor added this message to the email, just so there’ll be no mistake about price: “LG’s CURVED OLED TV, that’s been on sale in the U.S. since July 22, is a premium product that commands a premium price because of its superior performance and styling. It sells for $14,999.”

So there’s that.

Meanwhile, colleague Nancy Klosek (also at Dealerscope) is reporting that Samsung’s cheaper price point was made possible by “better than anticipated yields.”

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