RAPIRO, the Raspberry Pi Robot

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RAPIRO the Raspberry Pi RobotIt goes without saying that Raspberry Pi has been one of the biggest success stories in the last few years of computing history, and thanks to Pacific Rim and the new Transformers movie franchise, robots are finally cool again here in the Colonies. So it was just a matter of time before someone dipped the chocolate in the peanut butter and cooked up the Rasberry Pi Robot, or RAPIRO for short.

With three days left to go, the RAPIRO Kickstarter project has already collected £69,179 in pledges against a £20,000 goal, but you can still kick in a few bucks and get your own little adorable open-source robot kit. For £199 (about $310), you’ll get the complete RAPIRO kit, which includes all plastic parts, 12 servos, a servo control board, an RGB LED board, cables, and all of the screws you need to put it all together. What you don’t get, of course, is the Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi camera, PSD distance sensor, and speakers you need to make this little guy work.

Isn’t he the cutest? Sort of like a Super Deformed Ultra Magnus without all of his accouterments. Kick in £5000, and you can even get your very own custom RAPIRO, with a unique shape 3D printed just for you. So you could opt for something more like Megatron or Gipsy Danger or Big Guy or Rusty the Boy Robot or Michele Bachmann.

And given that he’s built on the open-source Raspberry Pi platform, the potential for customization and personalized programming is nigh-infinite. Add a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth module to RAPIRO’s Raspberry brains, and you could control him via your smartphone. Throw in a USB microphone and he could be programmed to respond to voice commands. Add an IR output and he could even control the TV himself (although, if he starts searching for reruns of The Sarah Connor Chronicles on his own, it might be time to pull the plug).

Via: [Kickstarter: RAPIRO: The Humanoid Robot Kit for your Raspberry Pi]

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