BitWise Controls Gets Support for Autonomic Mirage Media Servers

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BitWise Controls Autonomic Mirage Media ModuleOkay, it’s time to start taking BitWise Controls seriously. A few months back, we reported that the home automation company nabbed support from HydraConnect’s HDMI matrix processors (joining a pretty short and exclusive list). Now comes news of an authorized Autonomic Mirage Module for BitWise systems, which is pretty much the current benchmark for proper home automation system status.

If you’re not familiar with Autonomic’s Mirage Media Servers, check out my review of the MMS-2 for a primer. If you don’t have time for a full primer, here’s a summary: Autonomic’s servers aggregate and automatically import all off your music from all of your preferred sources — iTunes, TuneIn, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon’s cloud locker, all of your lossless tunes from HDTracks and AIX and pretty much any other source of digitally stored music — and make them all accessible via a multi-room capable server that you can access and control via iOS and Android apps or, of course, advanced control systems. When I fire up my Control4 system, all of my music is just a click away, all organized in a pretty GUI, no matter what the format and no matter where I purchased it.

And now BitWise customers will be able to enjoy all of that functionality from their own control systems.

From the press release:

“Many of our dealers use Mirage Media Servers from Autonomic in their system designs, because they’re engineered specifically for custom integration. The high-quality hardware and powerful media browsing capabilities make them a popular choice,” stated Mark Buster, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at BitWise Controls. “We’re proud to offer a module that, in less than 60 seconds, allows dealers to incorporate such a robust server into a BitWise project.”

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