DIY Compact Fluorescent Beautification

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The incandescent light Guus Oosterbaan DIY fluorescent light bulb beautificationbulb had one thing really going for it; it could be shaped effectively. Modern, energy efficient light bulbs are great, but the funky shape of LEDs or swirly compact fluorescents  isn’t always what you’re looking for.  So how can you add some pizzazz to green and boring? Guus Oosterbaan has created a variety of acetate artwork that can surround your bulbs with color and style.

While the sample pieces use moths, you could literally use anything. Big solid colors and shapes are probably best, but you could literally do anything. Heck, get a hot enough bulb and you might even be able to get a Shrinky Dink thing going.

Sometimes you have to look into doing more for your house than buying things. It’s personal touches like this that let you get your hands dirty that make your home yours, and not just a picture out of a catalog. This is also something that’s safe and fun for the whole family. If you’re really good, you can even use these acetates to create shadowramas on the walls, perfect for a “lobby” for your home theater, or simply to add class to a screen before a show. Check out Oosterbaan’s work at the source link, and think about what you might be able to do to the fluorescents you haven’t replaced with LEDs yet.

Via: [Guus Oosterbaan]

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