Onkyo Adds Two New Budget-Friendly TV Audio Systems

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Looking to maximize your widescreen experience at home with a solid audio system that bumps in all the right ways but won’t cost you an arm, leg, first born, or your 401K plan? Us too. And thankfully, Onkyo, who is no stranger in the premium home theater world, has now got us covered.

On Tuesday, the company announced its LS-B50 Soundbar System and the LS-T10 TV Speaker System, globally, with an aim to provide cinematic sound to listening rooms “where space or budget preclude use of a multi-speaker surround-sound setup.”


Both speaker setups combine multi-channel and multi-speaker compatibility with DSP panoramic sound technology. With Bluetooth built-in, both systems can also be used to wirelessly stream audio from other devices, like a mobile device or PC. Also, USB ports are included in these new Onkyo systems, enabling audio playback from flash-memory media players: mobile phones, tablets, mass-storage class devices, etc.


Onkyo LS-B50 Soundbar System

The LS-B50 is a soundbar speaker system, equipped with a wireless subwoofer. Despite it’s compact size, it packs eight drivers: six full-range and two ring-radiator tweeters. And the LS-T10 features six full-range drivers and an integrated down-firing subwoofer, designed to sound nicely below a television base.


Onkyo LS-T10 TV Speaker System

Both sets were designed with proprietary AuraSphere DSP audio technology, designed to create an immersive, real 3D listening experience from regular PCM or Dolby digital sources alike. Also, Onkyo pre-programmed these two systems with IR codes for nine major TV brands and learning ability for others, making the entertainment remote that you already have more powerful, not less useful.

The new systems are Onkyo’s latest additions to their Envision Cinema line, reaffirming the company’s spot at the top in the world of home entertainment solutions, providing quality products to suit every lifestyle and budget. Their LS-B50 and LS-T10 Envision Cinema systems have suggested retail prices of $599 and $399 respectively.

To read further information about these two new home audio systems, the Envision Cinema line and Onkyo’s line of audio products, check out their official website. For up-to-date news from the company, follow its Facebook page.

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