TiVo Goes Mobile with Roamio

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TiVo RoamioTiVo has announced a new line of TiVO boxes dubbed Roamio  that represent the biggest update to the TiVo platform since the company went hi-def a few years back. Harry McCracken at Time Tech has what I believe to be the first full review of the device, and all in all it sounds promising.

As you may have guessed, the “Roam” in “Roamio” stands for streaming, and for now the new TiVo devices allow you to watch anything from your TiVo box  on your iOS (and soon Android) devices from a Wi-Fi connection. Cellular streaming is also in the works, apparently, as soon as TiVo can figure out the compression needed to make it work.

Certain premium stations — like HBO — are also limited to streaming on your home network, but let’s face it: you’re more likely to use HBO GO for that sort of content, anyway.

The new boxes also have Wi-Fi built in — a big addition — and the remote control has been updated to RF, rather than pinpointy IR.

CNBC also has a video with a nice overview of the new Roamio boxes, which touches on — and addresses — the whole cord-cutting trend, and the question of whether TiVo is still relevant in an age where more and more consumers are ditching cable completely. (Spoiler warning: yes, yes it is.)

The new TiVo Romio Plus and Roamio Pro are available now for $399 and $599, respectively (plus monthly fees or the per-device lifetime subscription), as is a $199 basic TiVo Roamio, which from the sounds of it you’d be better off ignoring.

All three are shipping now from the TiVo website.

Via: [Time Tech] and [CNBC]

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