Netflix Jettisons Queue, in Favor of “My List”

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Please don't judge the author by his Netflix queue

Please don’t judge the author by his Netflix queue

To say Netflix has gone through a wide variety of changes in recent years would be quite an understatement. The company has gone from a disc-based to a primarily streaming-based business.  It weathered that whole Qwikster debacle to emerge again as a Silicon Valley darling, mostly on the back of such buzzy original content as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. 

This week, Netflix has debuted another big change: It’s gotten rid of the queue. Well, not quite- but it’s not called the “queue” anymore.

Netflix streaming subscribers now see what used to be called the “Instant Queue” now on their menu under the name “My List.” It’s not just a name change, though: “My List” also uses a smart algorithm to guess which titles the users might choose next.  It’s also become easier to add new items to the list. The new setup is available both on the web and TVs.

Here’s Netflix product innovation chief Michael Spiegelman explaining how My List works:

Meanwhile,  demonstrating once again how little Netflix cares about the disc side of its business at this point, not only does the DVD queue section of the website retain the same unimaginative design, but it’s still called “DVD queue.”


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