Time Warner Cable Offers Free Antennas to CBS Fans

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Rabbit Ears AntennaTime Warner Cable has fired another shot across CBS’s bow in their ongoing spat for rebroadcast fee supremecy. Back in ye olden times, our primitive forefathers used two metal rods to pull TV signals like magic, for free, from invisible waves that our cell phones will soon take for granted if their lobbyists have their way. Just like Dish was giving out Amazon gift cards to pay for Breaking Bad subscriptions in its battle with AMC last year (and thus avoiding an entertainment war crimes tribunal), Time Warner feels it can stick to its guns longer by providing their customers with an alternative to getting CBS via cable. For a limited time, TWC is providing a small amount of free antennas to disgruntled customers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Los Angeles/Desert Cities, New York City, and Milwaukee/Green Bay markets, or a $20 Best Buy coupon good toward the purchase of the same for everyone else.

The dirty little secret of this is of course that you get your best quality HDTV signal from an antenna, along with access to a plethora of sub-channels, not all of which is usually carried by your local cable company. But don’t worry, potential OTA viewers: Time Warner is making sure that the whole process of getting TV for free sounds as scary as possible, especially to the vast vast majority of the under-40 set who have never experienced it:

1)  Do you have the right equipment already?  You’ll want to determine whether your TV is a digital set with a digital tuner, or whether you have an over-the-air digital converter box purchased at a retail location (not a TWC set-top box.)  One of those 2 pieces of equipment is necessary to tune a digital signal on your TV once it’s been received by the antenna.

2) Can your location receive a good enough quality signal to make an antenna worthwhile?   Are you physically close to the broadcast tower that transmits the station you want to watch?  Are there major obstacles in the way (buildings, mountains, water)?  You can check the FCC website here to see how strong the signal is near your house for each broadcast station.  And then check here for an explanation of the different types of antennas available.

3)  Time Warner Cable is not responsible for the installation or performance of any antennas.

Shorter Time Warner Cable: “get this thing, it might not work, and you’re totally on your own kids.”

Via: [Time Warner Cable]

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