Sony and Samsung Slash 4K TV Prices to $4K

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4K pricedrop4K televisions have only been out for a few months, but thanks to some fierce compettion from companies like Seiki, prices are dropping much more quickly than expected. Even amongst the major players, whose TVs really are in a wholly different category from the bargain-basement offerings. Currently, two of the biggest television companies on the planet — Sony and Samsung — are going head to head to give you their top end offerings at approximately a dollar a horizontal pixel for 55-inch displays, and not a whole lot more for the 65-inchers. Via CNET:

The new price of the 55-inch Samsung UN55F9000 is $3,998, while the 65-inch UN65F9000 is $5,498. Both TVs just started shipping in early August.

Samsung’s price cut was likely a reaction to Sony’s. As first reported by HD Guru, the new price for the 55-inch Sony XBR-55X900A is also $3,998, and the 65-inch XBR-65X900A is also $5,498. Sony has been shipping them since April.

With IFA in Germany coming up next week, this could be a sign of the imminent arrival of new models to show off at Europe’s biggest consumer electronics show. Television manufacturers have experienced a slowdown in their TV business as we reach the peak of the TV replacement cycle, and the global recession continues to hang on. Not wanting to repeat the misfire that was launching 3D midstream, manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, and LG hope to capture the imagination with increased color depth and a massive increase in resolution. The risks? Most Americans still sit too far away from their TVs to appreciate 1080p, let alone 4K’s ultra-sharp Ultra HD image.Even worse, the three different in-store displays I’ve visited have still placed the chairs close to twice as far as THX recommended distance to appreciate the benefit of the extra resolution.

None of this may matter, though, as by the time the normal man is ready for 4K, prices should be below $2000, and with 4K’s ability to do proper polarized lenticular 3D, we may finally see the uptick in that market as well. I just hope that the margins stay good while the market finally makes 1080p the new 720p, and keeps the big guns for the big daddy man caves something to still brag about.

Via: [CNET]

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