Monoprice Revamps Controversial $249 Speakers

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New MonopriceEarlier this year, Monoprice and Klipsch had a bit of an issue; Monoprice’s acclaimed $249 surround sound package allegedly was a knockoff of one of Klipsch’s bestselling packages. Who was at fault, how it happened, and whatnot we can only guess at, but what we do know is that the two parties reached an agreement, and the speakers were taken off of Monoprice’s site.

Now, Monoprice has launched a new set of speakers, obviously to replace the previous problematic product, but how different are they? CNET has the scoop, accompanied by photographs that show different enclosures and different connection plates, but specs that are still a pretty close match. So will the new product get a pass? I’m sure that Klipsch’s lawyers, if they haven’t already given these speakers the hairy eyeball, are watching.

From CNET’s report:

There are certainly reasons to believe they may perform similarly. Like with the older 9774 speakers, many of the specs on the 10565 are exactly the same as the Energy Take Classic 5.1 system. Both systems’ satellite speakers measure 6.9×4.3×4.3 inches (HWD), weigh 2.9 pounds, and include a 0.75-inch tweeter and 3-inch midrange driver. Both subwoofers pack a 200-watt amplifier, have identical dimensions and an 8-inch down-firing driver. The main spec that appears different is that the satellite and center speakers have a crossover point 3.5kHz; with both the Energy Take Classic 5.1 system and Monoprice 9774 system were set to cross over at 2.9kHz.

Personally, I hope that Monoprice has taken care of the issues that Klpsch had with their original product enough that they continue to sell a quality, affordable 5.1 system to the masses.

The proof will be in the pudding when the Monoprice 10565 ships on September 10.

Via: [CNET]

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