Uji Shower Head Puts a Red Light on Water Waste

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Uji Shower HeadIf you’re anything like me, there’s nothing better at the end of a long day than a long, comfy, steamy shower. You can’t answer the phone. Emergency emails are a world away. The blissful roar of the jets almost serves as a sort of sensory deprivation. And as such, I’m probably guilty of wasting a lot of water, given that I sometimes stay in the shower until I’m wrinkled and there just isn’t any hot water left to flow. Granted, you may not love long showers as much as I do, but it’s easy to lose track of time in the tub. For you, for me, for all of us who spend a little more time under that soothing stream than we should, a new shower head — called Uji — is here to remind us when we’ve been in the shower long enough.

Uji works by glowing green at the start of your shower and turning an alarming red when you’ve used the appropriate amount of water. According to NPR, it was developed by Tufts University graduates Brett Andler, Sam Woolf, and Tyler Wilson as part of a mechanical engineering course:

“We were all interested in green technology and saving the environment,” Andler said. “So we were looking at an untackled problem and realized, shower heads. We wanted a product that will pay for itself really quickly and look and feel just as good as a non-eco-friendly counterpart.”

Set to hit retail next year for about $50, the Uji will reportedly pay for itself after only seven months of use, and save a total of approximately $85 per year after installation.

Granted, I’m looking at that thing and thinking to myself, there’s no way I would ever replace my shower head with something so puny. But who knows? Maybe if the Uji takes off, more advanced designs may be a possibility.

Via: [NPR]

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