New Process Might Neutralize Carbon Emissions

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HNG carbon filtering processThere’s a new cowboy in town when it comes to rustling carbon emissions, and it’s a gas. Researchers at Sweden’s HydroInfra Technologies think they may have the answer to capturing carbon as it’s emitted, by stripping the atoms right out of the gases through a new filtering process. Via Raw Story:

Calling their gas a ‘hydro-nano’ gas (or hydrogen-atomic nano gas, HNG), the Sweden-based HydroInfra Technologies claims their technology “instantly neutralizes carbon fuel pollution emissions.”

The company also states that its HNG is safe and cost effective (those claims, together with the anti-pollution factor, makes this a “triple bottom line” type solution). HydroInfra is currently exploring ways to bring its technology to the marketplace. The company has already signed on to a joint venture to convert ships (which transport fossil fuel and emit carbon in the process) to using HNG.

The technology is a three-step process: hot, dry, and wet. The first step is adding the HNG to the fuel, just like ethanol is added today. The gas binds with the carbon, making it easier to be caught by the “dry” filtering process, and then finally, the thing is bubbled through water in the final “wet” step that traps the carbon before it goes into the air. While the initial efforts are pointed toward shipping and power plants, this technology, if it proves effective, will likely make it into cars, as well as residential sources of emissions like oil furnaces, generators, mowers, trimmers, and other common household tools.

While our ultimate goal should certain by the ending of extraction, production, and use of fossil fuels, this certainly sounds a lot better than continuing the way we’re going. If this system can be made cheap and effective, it could be a major game changer in the fight against climate change.

Via: [Raw Story] and [Wall St. Cheat Sheet]

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