Vudu Extends Disc to Digital Beta

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Vudu Disc To DigitalFor those of you who have been enjoying dumping your physical library to Vudu’s digital locker through its 50% off promotion, you’re in luck. Not only has Vudu extended the offer through the end of January, but it’s also come up with a solution to all of the problems that have plagued the program:

This Promotion is available from May 29, 2013 through January 31, 2014 (the “Promotion Period”). If you create a VUDU account during the Promotion Period or you have an existing account as of the start of the Promotion Period, VUDU will issue you a two dollar ($2.00 USD) credit, which will be automatically applied; however, the credit is only good towards your next conversion of a DVD or Blu-ray disc (each a “disc”) via VUDU’s In-Home Disc to Digital service.

Originally scheduled to terminate on August 31, the program has had its fair share of problems, including a rash of database errors and omissions that have been a serious source of chapped behinds from users looking to make their digital libraries the same as their physical. Titles like Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition would misidentify as the theatrical version of either Fellowship of the Ring or Return of the King, but never as Two Towers. Superman apparently doesn’t exist, and all Star Trek movies get imported as Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Disc database powerhouse Gracenote, whose library Vudu contracted, really needs to get its buns in gear, apparently.

As a stopgap measure, Vudu is allowing users to email in pictures of the discs they own in order to make sure they get what they actually are owed. All titles scanned and registered with Vudu go right into your universal UltraViolet library for access from anywhere, anytime over the internet, wherever UltraViolet is served.

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