Vanco Boost Turns Old HDMI Cable Into HDBaseT

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and it’s safe to say that the Vanco HDBaseT Boost adapter was born out of that idea. Are you wondering what video distribution problem is out there that HDBaseT couldn’t already solve?  Isn’t HDBaseT the easiest way to deploy video these days?  The technology makes video more »

TP-LINK Announces 300Mbps Universal WiFi Range Extender

TP-LINK has announced the TL-WA850RE 300Mbps WiFi Wireless N Range Extender, which expands the WiFi coverage of your existing network by up to 40 percent.  The small sized device plugs directly into a wall outlet, making it easy to deploy in pretty much any situation. Setup is a breeze, utilizing a simple button press on the more »

Gefen Intros 32×32 Modular HD Matrix

I know this is HomeTechTell, not MansionTechTell, CastleTechTell, MegaChurchTechTell, or SportsBarTechTell, but this is almost too cool to not talk about.  Gefen has released a 32×32 HD matrix with both HDMI and Cat-5 output configurations.  Granted, the average home has no need for 32 display outputs (or inputs for that matter), but it’s nice to more »

Emotive Introduces XPA-2 Gen 2 Amplifier

Emotiva often graces these pages as the affordable, direct to consumer, high-end audio provider that just so happens to make some seriously nice gear.  And for those who fancy high-end gear, the holy grail system consists of the separate preamp/processor and amplifier combination that passes the cleanest of audio to your favorite loudspeakers.  Emotiva’s previous more »

Ambient Backscatter: Plucking Wireless Power from TV Signals

Researchers at the University of Washington have gotten one step closer to the fabled “Internet of Things,” where everything — and I do mean everything — is connected to everything else.  One of the main issues they’ve conquered is the sad fact that all wireless devices, at some point, require a wire to provide them more »

Gefen Brings HDMI Splitters to the 4K Party

Gefen continues to expand its HDMI ToolBox gadget line with a trio of splitters, capable of getting your 4K content to multiple displays.  Available in 1:2, 1:4, and 1:8 configurations, these splitters take your signal and send it to two, four, or eight displays, respectively.  A locking power supply input prevents accidental power loss.  HDMI more »

Pioneer Announces New SP-SB23W Speaker Bar

In addition to topping off its Elite receiver line with three new models at CE Week, Pioneer has announced the new SP-SB23W Speaker Bar, for use with flat panel TVs.  Yes, it’s another soundbar in a very crowded market, but generally when Pioneer releases a product, it’s worth taking note. Billed as the soundbar for those more »

Swann Unveils DVD-Quality Surveillance DVR

Swann has introduced it’s new 4200 Series TruBlue 960H Surveillance DVR, featuring DVD-quality, widescreen video.  Available in 4-, 8-, 9-, and 16-channel versions, the 960H aims to deliver better video resolution (960 x 480) than other CIF-based (352 x 240) systems.  Along with the higher resolution, the widescreen format is perfect for monitoring on 16:9 more »

Logitech Hangs Onto Harmony Remotes

Logitech announced last week the standalone release of the Harmony Ultimate Hub, which was originally included with the Harmony Ultimate we told you about a few months back. The Ultimate Hub turns an iOS or Android device into a universal remote, and should be available later this summer for around $100, without the physical remote. That’s great more »


Yamaha Hybrid Pianos Harness DSP for Big Sound

I think it’s safe to say that most of us had a grandmother or aunt whose home practically revolved around the piano.  For the most part, it was probably the traditional, upright style, with that traditional, upright sound.  It was also a sign of wealth and the nemesis of kids everywhere.  But most pianists also more »

TP-LINK Debuts “Archer C7” Next-Gen 802.11ac Wi-Fi Router

802.11n’s time has already come and gone.  With more 802.11ac devices and routers hitting the market each day, this newer, faster, and all-around-better Wi-Fi standard is gaining more ground each day. TP-LINK has joined the fray with its Archer C7 802.11ac router.  Sporting dual-band architecture, solid signal and lightning fast speeds (up to 175 Gbps) are more »

Autonomic Media Servers Are Now Crestron Connected

Autonomic Controls makes a heck of a media server in its Mirage series.  One of the great things about the Mirage boxes is that Autonomic spent a good deal of time making sure they would play nice with your home automation system of choice.  Whether you are in the AMX, Crestron, Control4, RTI, or URC more »