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Paradigm’s Studio 100 and Studio CC-590: My New Reference Speaker System

I’ve reviewed a good number of speakers in my time here at HomeTechTell, and although the intent with any review is always to discuss and evaluate a speaker on its own terms, we tech writers invariably have a reference speaker system to which we compare everything else. And by “reference,” I don’t necessarily mean “the more »

VIZIO Launches Big New Sound Bar for Big TV Screens

VIZIO has certainly made a name for itself recently with its line of affordable soundbars, but its offerings have tended toward the smaller side — perfect, perhaps, for a 42-inch display, but less than ideal for 55-inch-and-up screen territory. That trend ends today, though, with the release of the company’s S5430W 54” 3.0 Home Theater more »


Linn’s Christmas Gift to You: 24 Days of 24-Bit Downloads for Free

Who said the Christmas season didn’t officially start until Black Friday? Well, okay, these days nobody says that. But for us Goyim, at least, the gift giving doesn’t usually start for another few weeks yet. Linn — whom you may remember as the company who delivers 24-bit studio master recordings directly to your speakers (assuming more »

Björk Explains the Inner Workings of Your TV

It’s only Monday, and yet I’m going to go ahead and declare this as the most delightfully kooky explanation of home technology that you’ll see all week. The Atlantic has dug up a video of Björk — yes, that Björk — explaining to a television audience how a television works. This is obviously from the days of more »


Bryston Introduces the BUC-1 Digital to Digital Converter

Nope. You didn’t read that headline wrong. We’ve seen our fair share of digital-to-analog converters hit the market recently, but I do believe the BUC-1 is the first audiophile-grade digital-to-digital converter to hit my inbox. Why on earth would you want to convert a digital signal to a digital signal? Consider this hypothetical scenario: you’ve more »

Dish Rolling Out Big Updates to the Hopper Ecosystem

If you’re a Dish customer and have the , be on the lookout for some significant changes that have begun to roll out. The company announced this morning that it is making significant overhauls to its On Demand service, updating its Explorer app, adding HDMI-CEC control, and adding a Help button to assist you in more »

D-Link Delivers Affordable mydlink Security Camera Video Recorder

I can tell you from experience that recording and storing footage from an IP security camera is generally neither easy nor cheap. Your options generally fall into one of two categories: dedicated and expensive IP camera DVRs, or programs that clog up your PC’s hard drive and diminish your desktop performance. D-Link, though, introduced a more »

Is the Geneva Model XXL the Ultimate AirPlay Speaker?

If you looked at the Geneva Model XL Wireless system announced earlier this month and thought to yourself, Self, I need a heck of a lot more speaker than that $2,299 beast provides, and I really want my speaker system to double as my TV stand, have we got news for you. Geneva has just announced the more »

CINEAK Introduces New Luxury Seating Options

It could be argued that a CINEAK seat is a luxury in and of itself, what with the customizaton options, incredible construction, articulating headrests, and all of the other things designed to enhance your laziness. But the company has just introduced a slew of options that take luxury to the next level. At the top more »

Russound Brings “My Russound” App to Android Devices

Following pretty hotly on the heels of its My Russound app for iOS 7, Russound announced today that the app is making now available for the Android platform — specifically devices running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and later. As with the iOS release, My Russound for Android is designed to control C-Series multiroom audio systems and more »


Which Direction Should You Aim Solar Panels?

You probably read the headline and answered, “Toward the sun, duh,” right? It’s a trick question, though, because apparently the most important consideration when aiming your solar panels isn’t where to aim them, but when. Because, as you may have noticed if you’ve ventured outside during the daytime (not my choice of hobbies, but hey, more »

Neiman Marcus Delivers Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment System

Looking for the ultimate — and I do mean ultimate — Christmas gift for the movie-obsessed backyard lover in your life? Lisa Montgomery is reporting at Electronic House that Neiman Marcus has you covered, assuming you have the coin. In partnership with HomeTronics, Inc. in Dallas, TX, the luxury retailer’s Christmas Book includes a system called The more »