Kaleidescape beefs up UltraViolet support

Kaleidescape has added native UltraViolet support to the Kaleidescape store, with a bonus offered by no other retailer. Unlike the “HD” offered by retailers like Vudu or Flixster, Kaleidescape users will be able to download full Blu-ray Disc images for free on any UV title in their collection, and those added in the future. That’s more »


Cable prices rise 4 times faster than inflation says FCC

In regards to your monthly cable bill, you can count on one thing: It goes up fast and consistently. So fast in fact, that a recent FCC report has found that cable television costs experienced four times the rate of the national inflation during the study period of 1995-2013.

Sony tech holds 3700 Blu-rays on a single tape

In the early days of home computers, cassette tapes were the storage medium of choice, from powering our Commodore 54s to loading Donkey Kong in as little as 10 minutes. Though the technology is now so dead that it confuses children, the tape is still heavily in use for backup purposes, and virtually every movie more »

Cyberlink PowerDVD 14 adds 4K H.265 codec

Want to stay up to date with all the latest video codecs and features like 4K and Blu-ray 3D? Use software for playback and you can do just that, without the need for expensive new hardware. Cyberlink recently released PowerDVD 14, the latest version of the popular DVD and Blu-ray playback software. They key new more »

Nod points the way to camera-free gesture control

Nod Labs has partnered with Broadcom’s WICED technology to bring gesture control to the masses. Typical gesture control like Xbox Kinect relies on cameras or remotes. Nod is essentially a ring that you put on your finger, and by touching, manipulating, tapping, and gesturing with it, it provides enough input to control a wide variety of devices.

Frigidaire lets you freeze, defrost, and refreeze with the touch of a button

In the world of refrigeration, outside of efficiency and sometimes-useful sometimes-not doohickeys like video screens, there has been relatively little innovation actually keeping things cold. Frigidaire, however, has made some serious strides with its new hybrid model, which transforms from a refrigerator to a freezer and back again at the touch of a button.

Boxfish scores $7 million for social media cable box

Crawling through your cable guide looking for something to watch is a chore–all those redundant east/west and HD/SD feeds, all the programing  you don’t care about. Even if TV stations  produced content you could get into, you may not ever notice it as you rocket past on your way to ESPN.  Boxfish wants to change all more »

Is AT&T looking to buy DirectTV?

With the looming threat of the Time-Warner/Comcast merger, it’s no wonder that the other big cable providers are looking for their own ways to expand. According to the Wall Street Journal, DirectTV is entertaining purchase and merger offers from AT&T and Dish Network.

Ripping your media is now legal in the UK, but not US

A ruling has finally come down that citizens of the UK are now permitted to rip media of any kind for their own personal use. Previously, all copying had been expressly forbidden by the courts, even the more benign actions. This new ruling exempts anyone other than the one who purchased it from possessing a more »


WinSun 3D prints 10 houses a day

WinSun, a Chinese firm has one-upped every 3D printing developer out there. They haven’t developed a 3D printer for the home, their device MAKES the home.

Netflix price hike on the way

Netflix, in a letter to shareholders, detailed their intent to raise the price of streaming “one or two dollars” in the next few months for new Netflix customers. Though existing subscribers will be shown a “generous grace period” before likewise stepping up to the new system.

Bay Audio’s PTM+ brings next-level service to custom sound

Bay Audio is looking to take custom integration to the next level with their new PTM+ (Professional Theater Monitor) series of audio equipment and support services. Each order by an integrator is put through a two-step process to ensure you get the sound system of your dreams. First the custom integrator carefully measures your room, more »