Frost your beer mug in 10 seconds

Beer is the universal beverage. The liquid bread that drove the Egyptian pyramids and the universal drink of bonding that reaches across classes and cultures. The ability to offer our friends the perfect glass of suds is the centerpiece of the perfect man cave, and now, things may have just gotten that much sweeter thanks to Hammacher’s latest gadget: the Beer Glass Froster.

Dish settles with Washington state, customers get refunds

Back in 2012, the state of Washington raised some taxes, as states often do. This didn’t sit well with the people at Dish Network, but since their advertising is national rather than regional, they couldn’t exactly change the prices of their bundles just for Washington residents.

Sony introduces new FMP-X10 4k media player

Sony has introduced the second iteration of their still-proprietary 4k media box, the FMP-X10. Now sporting a fully compliant HDMI 2.0 output, the box’s 1TB hard drive will store around 20 movies at a time for playback on your Sony Bravia 4K television. Out of the box, the FMP-X10 supports the latest version of the H.265 video codec, access to the PlayMemories 4K photo service, and playback of 4K content at up to 60fps.

Kids discover the horrors of cassettes

My grandfather was a big gear head. When color TV came out, he actually got a set of plans, went to the junkyard, and built a color TV from a kit and salvaged parts. Well, more appropriately, he “supervised” while my dad burned his fingers with the soldering iron. He had Pong and some amazing more »

Bluetooth looking to be the key to Internet of Things

Bluetooth is known to most people from the land of their phones. First introduced as a low power way to connect a wireless headset, the protocol soon expanded to stereo headsets, and now to control the internet of things. More and more, smartphones and tablets are becoming the centerpiece and remote control of our electronic more »

Aereo will soon be available on Chromecast

Aereo announced that they will soon join the Google Chromecast lineup of services on the eve of their arguments before the US Supreme Court. The Aereo service basically rents tiny antennas attached to streaming encoders that stream and offer DVR storage services.

Prodea introduces Residential Operating System for the smart home

Prodea–a company founded by just launched their new Residential Operating System, an attempt at a standardized framework on which secure apps can be built quickly, easily, and affordably.

Windows XP, father of HTPC, support ends

Yesterday was the end of an era for many HTPC owners, the official end of support for Windows XP, the first version of Windows to support Windows Media Center. So as patching support for this pioneer of Home Theater finally is put to bed, let’s look back at how it all began.

Micro 3D, a $200 3D Printer hits Kickstarter

3D printers are definitely a hot thing right now, and we’re not just talking about molten plastic. The idea that you can produce objects in your house, almost like magic, is extremely appealing. However, cost, combined with the industrial nature of the devices has made them unappealing to many. The people behind the Micro 3D more »

Watch out for viruses on your DVR…and other IoTs!

e spend a lot of time securing our computers from potential malware attacks, but how much time do we spend on our DVRs? As Windows XP, the former favorite target fades into the good night, malicious individuals are looking for vulnerable devices that are hard to patch, connected to the Internet 24/7, and unlikely to be noticed as doing anything wacky for a long time.

Oppo unveils $1K PM-1 planar magnetic headphones

Oppo has been cranking out enthusiast- grade Blu-ray players for quite awhile now. One of the few that can still handle DVD-Audio and SACD, Oppo has been all about high-end audio for their entire history, and now they’re moving into high-end headphones with the PM-1.

Are abandoned TV antennae the homes of the future?

For when you want to see the city like a broadcast signal would.