Gefen Audio/Video Automation (GAVA) System Review

The Gefen Audio/Video Automation system (GAVA for short) was quietly released earlier this year. It didn’t make a big flashing dot or loud beep on my radar because automation isn’t a category I normally associated with Gefen. The company makes excellent baluns, signal converters, and what I call “problem-solvers” — small, non-descript boxes that have more »

The Amazon Home Automation Store Is Now Open

Rachel Cericola at Electronic House reports that Amazon has rolled out a new section of its website dedicated wholly to advanced home control. I was a little skeptical of the Amazon Home Automation Store at first. I mean, what’s next, auctions on eBay? (Oh, wait…) But I checked it out, and there’s actually a lot to like about more »

The Z-Wave Himalayan Home Automation Expedition by Kwikset

The Z-Wave Alliance, co-sponsored by Kwikset, Vivint, and others are going way outside the box for their next Home Automation demo. A nearly month-long mountain climbing exhibition outside the box. They are sending Mariusz Malkowski to the peak of the 6th highest mountain in the world, Cho Oyu, to control his home in New Jersey. In case you’re more »

The Bellagio Conquest Is One Beastly Turntable

In the world of high end audio — especially analog audio — price doesn’t always equate to quality, but take a glance at the beautiful machining and gorgeous engineering of the Bellagio Conquest turntable, and I think you’ll agree that it earns its €48,000.00 price tag. Just look at it. Yes, it costs as much as a more »