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i’m Watch Review: i’m Angry, i’m Confused, i’m Fail

Remember the Iraqi Information Minister? He was that guy we used to watch on TV during the first Desert Storm who would make such awesome declarations about how the Iraqi army was doing. With jets streaking overhead, bridges blowing up, tanks being obliterated and US troops holding hands and hopscotching into Baghdad, good ole Mohammed more »


Best/Worst PR Pitch Ever!

A friend forwarded an e-mail to me earlier today that was just too full of awesome not to share. An email that caused audio/video journalist extraordinaire, Brent Butterworth, to say, “I’ve seen a lot of really bad unsolicited articles in my time, but this rises to a new level of bad.” Here was the sender’s more »


Improve Your Home Theater Experience for Less than a Million Bucks

HGTV’s Million Dollar Rooms recently featured home-theater-design Jedi Theo Kalomirakis showing off one of his classic designs, The Ziegfeld. The entire 3,000-square-foot theater space was, of course, gorgeous, with a nearly six-figure custom-made neon and fiber-optic marquee, custom carpeting costing more than most people’s cars, and custom woodworking costing more than most people’s homes. And all of that more »


Fun with Instruction Manuals: The New Sony ES Receiver

I have kind of an odd A/V fetish. I love owner’s manuals. It’s true. When I get a new piece of gear – either personally or for review – one of the first things that I like to do is read the owner’s manual. And, yes, I know that this might very well be the more »


Hands-On with Kaleidescape’s New Digital Download Store

“If you could purchase movies over the Internet with precisely the same video and audio quality of a physical Blu-ray Disc or DVD, would you ever purchase a shiny, round disc again? Well guess what? This is now a reality.” – Kaleidescape My first brush with Kaleidescape’s innovative disc-based movie server was back in 2002. more »


Exclusive! First Look at the New Marantz AV-8801 and MM-8807 Combo

I’ve been a fan of Marantz products for a while now for two big reasons. One: The stuff has great sound and build quality and hits that sweet spot between middling receiver performance and the truly insane gear found at the high-end. (I’m looking at you, Meridian, Krell, Lexicon, ADA, and Theta!) Two: Kevin Zarow more »


Dirac HD Player Makes Your Standard iOS Earbuds and EarPods Sound Like Not-Crap

Typically, I would say that if you’ve purchased an iOS device – Pod, Phone, or Pad – the first thing you should do to improve your music listening experience should be this: Take the free, white, pack-in headphones and carefully unwrap them from their packaging. Admire them for a moment – so white and gleaming! more »

Wal-mart and Vudu’s Disc-to-Digital Announcement Seems Too Convenient

I’m not a conspiracy theory guy. In general, I don’t want to hear about second gunmen or grassy knolls, or missiles into the Pentagon or bombs pre-loaded into the Trade Center buildings. I hate all of that nonsense. For most things, I subscribe to the Occam’s razor theory, being that when presented with multiple hypotheses, more »

Kaleidescape Verdict: IT IS SO ORDERED!

That booming sound you may have heard Monday was the echoing ripple of a bit of your electronic freedom and innovation being smashed under the heavy-handed gavel of Judge William J. Monahan of the California Superior Court. As I wrote several weeks ago in my DVD CCA 1, Kaleidescape and Innovation 0 post (a good more »

The New iPad, the Lame iName

OK. So, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my iPad3 Wishes, Wants, and Predictions blog, we are in March and a new iPad announcement/launch was imminent. Well, if you stepped anywhere near a networked computer today after 1:00 eastern, you know that a new iPad was indeed launched. And not just any more »

iPad 3: Wishes, Wants, and Predictions

We’re about to come into March, which  means that CES is long finished and thoroughly digested and the tech world is now turning its collective attention-deficit gaze to the next big thing. And a good chunk of the tech world is hoping that that next big thing is will be a new version of the more »

10 Reasons Why Sonos is Great; 1 Way to Make It Greater!

Without a doubt, there is a lot to love about Sonos’ incredibly innovative audio distribution system. Sonos definitely turned the traditional rack-filled-with-stacks-of-black-boxes and single-point control location on its head with its system that is wireless and decentralized. It’s one of those systems that, as you start describing it to people, and telling them all the more »