Bright lighting ideas: a SlimStyle floodlight and biorhythm adjusted bulbs

Philips’ new  SlimStyle interior floodlight, the BR30 ($12.97), gives homeowners more options and brings LED efficiency to more fixtures in your home. Like the original SlimStyle bulb released at the beginning of this year, the SlimStyle BR30 has a streamlined slim shape and the uniform light distribution of an incandescent floodlight, without the bulky heat sink you more »

LG OLED TV moves forward with flexible models planned for 2015

  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal says that LG Electronics is moving forward with plans to produce super-thin, bendable TV sets and will expand its lineup of OLED TVs, with plans for a “screen that can be made to curve” next year. LG OLED plans were announced on the heels of rival Samsung’s reported exit from more »

Is $4500 too much for a headphone amp? McIntosh says no way

Recently, we reported on Oppo’s $1,200 headphone amp. If you thought that was outrageous, check out audiophile darling McIntosh’s new MHA100 2-channel headphone amplifier, which costs a whopping $4,500. Yes, many people are that serious about their personal audio sound quality.

Elan launches new home automation platform

We’ve always been big fans of Elan’s affordable home automation systems, but news from the company has been relatively sparse as the company’s Elan g! platform has sort of been on autopilot. Today, however, the company announced a new Linux-based platform that, according to Elan, delivers better performance, easier installation, broader device compatibility, and greater scalability.

What you didn’t know about speaker placement at home!

John Strohbeen has been an important figure in audio for half a century. In 1964, while an undergraduate at M.I.T., he founded Tech Hifi. The chain eventually grew to more than sixty locations spreading from Ohio to New Hampshire to North Carolina. In 1979, John joined Ohm Acoustics as president. Ohm pioneered Lincoln Walsh’s “coherent line more »

Just say no to obsolescence with Meridian DSP upgrade program

If you’ve purchased Meridian DSP loudspeakers in the past and have loved their performance, you are more than likely salivating over the new Special Edition versions of your speakers, launched recently in honor of Meridian’s 25th anniversary.

3 annoying things you didn’t know about the DIY smart home

Yes, all the research points to huge growth in the DIY smart home market, with home security being the major driver of this burgeoning category. But after living with several DIY products over the past several months, I’ve learned that there are a lot of little annoying problems with the DIY smart home that you might not have considered.

SmartThings takes steps toward open Internet of Things with app enhancements

Today SmartThings announces a big step toward its goal of an open Internet of Things platform with several key updates to the SmartThings app that, according to the company, will create a better app experience that makes it easier to monitor, control, and automate your home with an expanded list of uses and products. A new section in the app called SmartSetup will let SmartThings users integrate new devices and set up actions and alerts.

Panasonic transforms TV into interactive home healthcare portal

In one of many announcements this week about the marriage of home and healthcare, Panasonic Corporation of North America and Jewish Home Lifecare, a nonprofit geriatric health and rehabilitation institution, launched the Pathways to Health pilot program designed to improve the quality of care for the growing number of older Americans with chronic diseases, while reducing costs.

Free hi-rez downloads from the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

If you’ve ever gone to a museum, then tried to find a work of art you’d seen in person online, you know what a disappointment this can be. Just do a Google image search of your favorite painting, for example, and you’ll inevitably come up with hundreds of iterations, all varied in their coloration, and some even in their composition! Try to find a poster of a masterwork, and you get silly motivational posters or worse.


WDYT? Research says DIY is the wave of the smart home future

e did an article a few months ago on the smart home of the future and what that will look like for consumers, in which we discussed the pros and cons of both the traditional home automation installation companies, like AMX, Crestron, Control 4, and others, and the new do-it-yourself breed of home automation products that you might find in say, a Home Depot that you can install yourself.

Get your MakerBot Replicator Mini now, and prepare your kids for future jobs?

For $1,375, you can start printing your own toys, bowls, and home wares ASAP because the MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer, one of MakerBot’s new Fifth Generation 3D printers, is being shipped to customers starting today.