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Review: Mohu Leaf Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

The Leaf Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna is not your father’s antenna. Or your grandfather’s. Or really, any relative of yours who bought their first TV in the days before HD or the Internet. The Leaf antenna, from parent company Mohu, has a simple pitch directed at cord cutters: While you’re spending a little bit each more »

Nest’s first national commercial stars a grumpy old man

Ever had an older relative who just doesn’t get today’s new technology? Are you that older relative yourself? Either way, you can probably relate to Nest’s new commercial, its first national one, which began airing in the last week. The ad stars Richard Herd, who played George Costanza’s boss Mr. Wilhelm on the later seasons more »

 Sprint, HDtracks offer free high-definition smartphone downloads

Sprint and HD Tracks announced Tuesday that they are teaming up to offer  sampler of high-resolution songs to those who purchase new phones, from the likes of Marvin Gaye, The Grateful Dead, Tori Amos, and Paul McCartney. The offer applies to customers purchasing the HTC One Harman Kardon edition and LG G2, both of which more »

Vizio’s new LED line, sound bars arrive

Vizio announced Tuesday morning that its  2014 M-Series Full-Array LED backlit LCD HDTV is now shipping. The new TVs boast Full-Array LED backlighting and up to 36 Active LED Zones, doubling the amount in the 2013 models. In addition, the TVs offer a full smart TV experience, with the Vizio Internet Apps Plus, now featuring more »

14 hundred billion! The trouble With “Internet of Things” forecasts

The Internet of Things is the next big thing. There’s been talk about it everywhere, from CES to every smaller technology trade show since CES. Even Apple, in its World Wide Development Conference keynote on Monday, got into the act, announcing an effort to create apps that will help iOS devices interface with appliances, garage more »

Netflix Jettisons Queue, in Favor of “My List”

To say Netflix has gone through a wide variety of changes in recent years would be quite an understatement. The company has gone from a disc-based to a primarily streaming-based business.  It weathered that whole Qwikster debacle to emerge again as a Silicon Valley darling, mostly on the back of such buzzy original content as more »

In TV Negotiations, Apple Seen Cutting Out the Middle Man

When Google tried to revolutionize the living room a few years ago with Google TV, it ran into roadblocks, thanks in large part to resistance from cable providers from participants, and the technology has since fizzled out. Ever since rumblings began a few years ago about Apple planning a living room move of its own more »

HomeTechTell Review: JBL SB200 Sound Bar

Harman International’s JBL brand has introduced a new series of sound bars known as the Cinema Series, with models including the SB 100, SB 200, and SB 300. This review is of the middle model, the SB 200, which sports a good look and an even better sound. It’s a very good deal at $299. more »

DVD Review: Stuck Between Stations

Stuck Between Stations is a Sundance-style indie film that’s not quite original, but still surprisingly affecting. Set in Minneapolis — where the author of this review grew up — Stuck Between Stations fits comfortably into the “One Crazy Night” genre, along with American Graffiti and its many imitators; the film’s major antecedents, in fact, are all more »

Short Film: Director’s Commentary

Ever wonder what the process is for creating a director’s commentary for a DVD? A newly released short film takes a hilarious look at the process. Director’s Commentary, a 14-minute short shot in Philadelphia and written and directed by David Dylan Thomas, purports to be the commentary for Incurable Romantic, a fictitious short film produced more »

DVD Movie Review: Shut Up Little Man — An Audio Misadventure

Here’s a wonderfully unconventional little documentary, which looks at what “going viral” meant before there was YouTube or even an Internet. Shut Up Little Man: An Audio Misadventure, made by an Australian team led by director Matthew Bate, tells a very strange story of that spans three decades. It starts in 1987, when a pair more »

Monster’s New Gratitude Headphones

In the final installment of our exclusive interview, Noel Lee, the Monster chief executive known as the Head Monster, talks to Dealerscope and CustomRetailer’s Krissy Rushing about the company’s new headphones. In this video, Lee talks about Monster’s headphone partnerships with Earth, Wind and Fire and Daft Punk. [See the video link here.]