DAC the halls with Hi-Res music, with Meridian Explorer2

Your beloved laptop or PC may be your most powerful piece of tech, but if you have a set of high-end speakers or headphones it’s not doing you much good. Face it. Your computer sucks at driving the top-shelf audio you deserve to hear. But that’s ok, because you’re no worse off than most anyone more »


TechnologyTell Review: Pyle PDA5BU Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

A lot of consumer attention has been focused on portable, wireless speakers. But what about the rest of us who prefer to jam to tunes blasted from bigger boxes? Thankfully, manufacturers haven’t forgotten about the home audio segment. In fact, they may be gearing up for an audio revolution, releasing new products to cater toward more »

Simplify the home music system with Cambridge Audio One

True music lovers can and will play from a variety of different sources. As such, having a proper audio setup at home is pretty key. But, more often than not, having a comprehensive listening environment requires a number of separate devices: digital analog converter (DAC), amplifier, tuner, and CD player, to name a few. Sure, more »

OPPO debuts HA-1 headphone amplifier

There are everyday headphones, and there are headphones. Oppo Digital traffics in the latter — real audiophile-quality stuff. Recently, the company, best known for its reference-quality Blu-ray players, introduced its PM-1 planar magnetic headphones. Today its $1,199 HA-1 headphone amplifier was revealed.

5 luxury gadgets and gear to lust over

Yesterday was the Luxury Technology Show in New York, and there were a lot of high-end, not to mention high-ticket, items on display. Here are some of the coolest products from a few of the manufacturers on display for you to buy or covet, depending on your budget.

VIZIO Introduces New Soundbar Lineup, 4K Ultra HD TVs

VIZIO has unveiled their new lineup of soundbars for 2014. Hoping to build on their previous success in the category, they’ve added three new sizes to the catalog; one designed for giant televisions, another for 42″ and up, and a third, to fit underneath smaller, lighter sets in a corner or bedroom. We have our more »

HomeTechTell Review: OSD Audio Sound Platform SP2.1 Table-Top Surround Sound System

If you don’t have the option, or don’t want the option, of installing a full-blown stereo system near your TV — an AV receiver, at least two speakers, all of the cabling that goes with them — this device is a very fine compromise.

Despacio : 50,000 Watts of Audiophile Club Sound

We’ve all been in a club at some point or another, and as enthusiasts we know just how bad the sound is in these venues. Poor channel isolation, reflections all over the place, and, dear god, the system is half subwoofers and playing the stuff those kids who won’t get off my lawn listen to more »


Here’s the KICKER: New Amphitheater BT2 Wireless Audio System Debuts

KICKER has introduced its Amphitheater BT2 wireless audio system. Built to rest on a desktop or bookshelf, it uses Bluetooth to pair with smartphones, tablets and computers. You want specs? We got specs. The Amphitheater BT2 features a 50-watt DSP-optimized internal amplifier, five-inch drivers, 0.75-inch silk-dome tweeters and a six-inch square reflex subwoofer. A USB port is onboard for charging more »


Is Home Stereo Dead? CNN Thinks So

Stereo systems. Like cable TV and camera film, younger people largely couldn’t care less about them. So says CNN in an article called “The Death of the Home Stereo System.” It may be painful for some longtime home entertainment enthusiasts to accept, but kids and many older people don’t want traditional AV components because, frankly, more »

McIntosh Introduces New MCD550 SACD/CD Player and MA8000 Integrated Amplifier

McIntosh has announced two new products that I didn’t have time to see in person at this year’s CEDIA EXPO, unfortunately. The company’s new MCD550 SACD/CD Player and the MA8000 Integrated Amplifier deliver new features and functionality, while maintaining that inimitable McIntosh style. The tenth-generation MCD550 borrows a couple of technologies from its bigger brother, the MCD1100, including a more »

Pro Audio Technology Introduces DMA-1508 DSP Amp

Unfortunately, audio processing, amplification, and signal routing can be the most burdensome task wen setting up a high-quality home theater or distributed audio system. Pro Audio Technology’s 1-RU DMA-1508 is designed to take the headache out of even the most elaborate sound setup, though. The DMA is a slimline, high efficiency amp with two 300-watt channels and more »