Smart Home, let’s start in the kitchen with the Smart Fridge

When we think of Smart Homes and appliances, the refrigerator is probably the first thing that should jump right out at us.  It is the first thing we go to to satisfy our thirst and hunger.  Instead of getting up and going to look in the fridge to see what ya got, just pull out more »

This ultimate backup battery just may change the world

The Tesla Powerwall is like a backup battery for your house. During the day, the Powerwall can store energy from a solar panel array or city energy grid.

Want a smart way to improve health, nutrition in the kitchen?

There are many ways, big and small, to upgrade a home to make it smarter. Things like lights, home monitoring cameras, alarm systems, and thermostats are the usual suspects. But what if you want something beyond a simple convenience or peace of mind? So then how about a smart kitchen device that encourages better eating and a healthier lifestyle?

Love light? Then you’ll want the Philips Hue Go

By now, you’ve sure to have been exposed to all sorts of LED bulbs from a variety of brands. Both the standard and the wireless kind. So far, the wide majority of these offerings have been of the A19 type that goes into a traditional lamp socket. If you haven’t experienced the ultimate convenience of wirelessly controlling and/or dimming your lamps with a smartphone, you’re totally missing out.


TechnologyTell Review: Accessory Power Enhance mood light

A lot of the LED lights that have been hitting the market as of late have been, well, boring. Sure, they replace our soft light or bright white bulbs for greater efficiency – sometimes even with wireless capabilities – but that’s about it. Can’t party with them, really. But if you want something a bit more »

WeMo enabled smart coffee maker now available from Belkin

For many people, mornings just aren’t until that first sip of coffee from a freshly-brewed pot. Having a solid morning routine helps to get a day started right. However, there’s something to be said about spontaneity and flexibility. Sometimes things change, and you need to adapt on the fly. Your coffee maker should, too. Belkin more »

Bulbs aren’t needed with futuristic Aerelight desk lamp

LED light bulbs are quickly gaining traction with consumers for their cost-effectiveness and low-energy usage. It’s likely that prices will continue to drop as companies battle each other in a market expected to multiply over the next few years. But as Cree fills a void by a departing Samsung, what’s a manufacturer to do to more »

Cook smarter, easier with MAID multi-function oven

When I’m not toying around with tech or rattling out words for articles and reviews, you could probably find me cooking. It’s my favorite way to escape from the digital world to get my hands dirty with creating. If you want to eat great food, you’re either making it or paying someone else to make more »

Cree steps up as Philips splits, Samsung call it quits on LEDs

Cree has always been a household name for me, as all of my best EDC (every day carry) flashlights have Cree bulbs in them. They’re bright, reliable, and affordable – the trifecta for those who don’t want to blow half a paycheck on a quality flashlight. But soon enough you can equip your entire home more »

Samsung pulls the switch on its LED lamp business

Samsung has been in a rough patch lately, as profits from its mobile business sales have been shrinking. Although they’ve been selling more smartphones overall, margins have been whittled away by steady marketing costs and falling sales prices. Just recently the company has announced its plan to discontinue making LED lights, an indicator that the more »

Dyson announces latest dual-use humidifier and fan

With summer on its way out, we might finally get the chance for some cooler, wetter weather. Fingers crossed, since California has been suffering a pretty serious drought for some time. Notice that I don’t even mention having seasons – we don’t have much of that here either. We’ve better odds at being gifted some more »

Brother releases new monochrome laser printer line for small offices

Brother International Corporation has announced its latest line of monochrome laser printers and all-in-ones, which includes the HL-2270DW, for the SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) market. Despite the shift from paper to digital information sharing and the fact that we’d all love to save the trees, offices have yet to shake the need for reliable more »