Sous vide like a pro with new WiFi enabled Nomiku

Cooking meals sous vide has gained much attention over the past couple of years. With all the episodes of Chopped and Iron Chef America I watch daily, I see this technique employed at least a few times a week. Why is it so popular? It’s all about time and control. The use of an immersion more »


electroVine hides ugly cords with lush green ivy

I saw this the other day and thought it was a silly idea. An extension cord disguised as ivy vine? How cute. But as my day progressed, I couldn’t help but notice cords all around the house. Just to be clear, I’m the type that keeps cables wrapped, bundled, and hidden (when possible). But sometimes more »

Thermador wraps up its Kitchen Design Challenge with $325,000 in cash and prizes

American luxury kitchen appliance brand Thermador has officially wrapped up its 2012-2013 Kitchen Design Challenge into which talented designers across the country submitted their favorite designs from 2012 and 2013 for deliberation. The contestants submitted outstanding luxurious, inspiring, and breathtaking kitchen designs. Of contestants, 16 regional winners were chosen. Each won $2,500 and all-expenses-paid trip to Souther more »

TechnologyTell Review: Belkin WeMo Crock-Pot

The internet-of-things is actually starting to turn into the internet-of-everything. Before long, almost everything can be accessed or operated through an app and mobile device. Naturally, some products are better-fit for remote operation than others. One of the latest “smart” appliances to hit the household is Belkin’s WeMo Crock-Pot, which is available now. You get more »


h.h. gregg tops J.D. Power Appliance Retailer Satisfaction Study

Sears, Home Depot and Lowe’s are looking upwards at h.h. gregg when it comes to keeping home appliance buyers happy. So says the seventh edition of J.D. Power’s annual Appliance Retailer Satisfaction Study.

Monolyth improves AC units with control, energy savings

With the growing concerns about human’s environmental impact, many people are understanding that less can mean more. Less waste, less consumption, and less harvesting of finite resources means a better situation for every living thing on the planet. Even if you don’t believe that human activity has been contributing to climate change (although you should), more »

Love beer? Let SYNEK pour you a fresh glass anytime

Beer. It’s one of the few things that automatically improve an already-great situation. Lounging pool/lake/beachside? Better with beer. Enjoying a juicy, beefy burger? Always better with beer. Saturday night of Cards Against Humanity with a group of friends? Please, you already know the answer. Most of us head toward grocery or convenience stores in order more »

KitchenAid unveils greener dishwasher for efficiency, savings

Electricity bills can be a killer, especially if your energy company likes to spike prices during the hottest and/or coldest parts of the year. Some power companies have daily schedules, where energy costs during non-peak hours are less. So running appliances such as washers, dryers, and dishwashers after-hours end up saving some money. But as more »

CoeLux light creates illusion of an indoor skylight

The modern world doesn’t have enough skylights in buildings. Personally, I love them. Not only does it make interior space feel bigger, but it adds light without the need of any bulb. There’s much talk about green energy, conserving, and harvesting the sun’s rays for electricity; where’s the movement to punch holes in ceilings and more »

Oregon Scientific brings Bluetooth to the BBQ grill

Some places in the country have schools already out for the summer, while the rest of the students eagerly countdown the final days until freedom. That’s right. Summer isn’t decided by local temperatures or what the scientists say. It’s determined by the sum of pencils, books, and teachers’ dirty looks. The correct answer? Zero. This more »

Cook smart, access recipes easily with KWIB

While some people like to congregate with guests in the living room or backyard, my place of choice is in the kitchen. Since I tend to be the cook, that’s where I can typically be found. Much of what I cook includes wine and whiskey, so those in the know agree that the kitchen is the best place to chat and drink.

3 annoying things you didn’t know about the DIY smart home

Yes, all the research points to huge growth in the DIY smart home market, with home security being the major driver of this burgeoning category. But after living with several DIY products over the past several months, I’ve learned that there are a lot of little annoying problems with the DIY smart home that you might not have considered.