Simplify the home music system with Cambridge Audio One

True music lovers can and will play from a variety of different sources. As such, having a proper audio setup at home is pretty key. But, more often than not, having a comprehensive listening environment requires a number of separate devices: digital analog converter (DAC), amplifier, tuner, and CD player, to name a few. Sure, more »

5 luxury gadgets and gear to lust over

Yesterday was the Luxury Technology Show in New York, and there were a lot of high-end, not to mention high-ticket, items on display. Here are some of the coolest products from a few of the manufacturers on display for you to buy or covet, depending on your budget.

Spiral Groove SG-1.1 turntable spins right ’round $36K

Turntables and LPs have made a bit of a comeback in recent years. Although they never lost their luster to audiophiles, hipsters and people looking for a more physical attachment to their music have been flocking to the format that looks good on a shelf. So for those not faint of wallet and who want the ultimate sound, we give you the Spiral Groove SG-1.1.

Netflix Testing Cheaper Streaming Option

(Image from Adweek) $7.99 a month for Netflix is a total steal for what you get. HD streams, high-quality original programming, and enough movies and TV shows to keep you busy. But what if you’re a single person and do most of your watching on a laptop, phone or tablet? No problem. New Netflix customer more »

HomeTechTell Review: OSD Audio Sound Platform SP2.1 Table-Top Surround Sound System

If you don’t have the option, or don’t want the option, of installing a full-blown stereo system near your TV — an AV receiver, at least two speakers, all of the cabling that goes with them — this device is a very fine compromise.

Teens Love Turntables!

Turntables are tragically retro-cool right now, witness the fact that there are no less than nine different models for sale at Urban Outfitters, most in portable cases reminiscent of a something a 1960s flight attendant might carry through the terminal

Despacio : 50,000 Watts of Audiophile Club Sound

We’ve all been in a club at some point or another, and as enthusiasts we know just how bad the sound is in these venues. Poor channel isolation, reflections all over the place, and, dear god, the system is half subwoofers and playing the stuff those kids who won’t get off my lawn listen to more »


Is Home Stereo Dead? CNN Thinks So

Stereo systems. Like cable TV and camera film, younger people largely couldn’t care less about them. So says CNN in an article called “The Death of the Home Stereo System.” It may be painful for some longtime home entertainment enthusiasts to accept, but kids and many older people don’t want traditional AV components because, frankly, more »

Measuring the Differences Between Speaker Cables… with SCIENCE!

My friend, mentor, and former editor Brent Butterworth has taken over as the Stereo Guide for, and he hasn’t wasted much time in applying his clear, concise, scientific approach to controversial topics. In his latest piece, Brent broaches the subject of speaker cables, and whether or not one can actually measure the differences between more »

Tubecore Duo Is a Sweet Marriage of Analog and Digital

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers out there, but how many of them have the warmth and analog deliciousness of vacuum tubes? Furthermore, how many tube-amplified wireless Bluetooth speakers do you know that can stream high-resolution audio and video via the open-source XBMC Media Center platform? Sounds like a dream, right? Well, you can more »

Meridian Introduces Director DAC

Following up on its successful Explorer portable DAC, Meridian announced today the upcoming release of Director, a larger, more audiophile-oriented digital-to-analog converter with more inputs, more outputs, and less emphasis on headphone listening. Director, which is being built in the UK and sports an undeniable Meridian aesthetic, features USB2 B socket with support for USB Audio more »

The Bellagio Conquest Is One Beastly Turntable

In the world of high end audio — especially analog audio — price doesn’t always equate to quality, but take a glance at the beautiful machining and gorgeous engineering of the Bellagio Conquest turntable, and I think you’ll agree that it earns its €48,000.00 price tag. Just look at it. Yes, it costs as much as a more »