Review: Pinnacle Power One HT 200 all in one speaker system

To say I’m busy is a serious understatement. So much so,that when the folks at Pinnacle asked me if I wanted to review their Power One HT 200 all in one speaker system, I hesitated. Not that I didn’t want to do it, it’s just that time has become a commodity to me not unlike more »

Best Buy to showcase Samsung home entertainment experience

One of the benefits of being a tech giant is that you get to play and profit in multiple markets. Even though Samsung is bracing for tougher times in the mobile arena, the company as a whole will be able to ride it out. In case you haven’t noticed, Samsung isn’t pumping the kind of marketing funds into smartphones like it used to. But if you’re more into home entertainment, the company may just be getting warmed up.

Gibson seals Philips deal, picks up WOOX Innovations

Gibson Brands has been making very deliberate strides towards the goal of creating an empire over the past few years. The path of growth has brought such companies as Onkyo and TEAC into the fold. But the most recent deal is probably the biggest and most important step towards the path of worldwide leadership in music and sound.

The Soundwall speaker embraces music with hanging art

At one point in history, speakers were simply a means to produce some pleasant audio. It must have been easier back then to choose something to bring home, as those options would be considered limited by current standards.


The sexiest new home audio speakers for 2014

There are speakers…and then there are speakers. Speakers that are sexy, powerful, sleek, big even. Speakers that throw caution to the wind and risk pissing off your interior designer. Speakers that are towering works of art. Speakers that laugh at the thought of being hidden in a wall. Speakers that might just kick your ass if you don’t give them the proper respect. We love them paired with their shorter, but mighty henchman, the subwoofer.

Spiral Groove SG-1.1 turntable spins right ’round $36K

Turntables and LPs have made a bit of a comeback in recent years. Although they never lost their luster to audiophiles, hipsters and people looking for a more physical attachment to their music have been flocking to the format that looks good on a shelf. So for those not faint of wallet and who want the ultimate sound, we give you the Spiral Groove SG-1.1.

VIZIO Introduces New Soundbar Lineup, 4K Ultra HD TVs

VIZIO has unveiled their new lineup of soundbars for 2014. Hoping to build on their previous success in the category, they’ve added three new sizes to the catalog; one designed for giant televisions, another for 42″ and up, and a third, to fit underneath smaller, lighter sets in a corner or bedroom. We have our more »

Radionomy Saves WinAmp from the Block

WinAmp, one of the oldest media players out there, was scheduled for termination December 20th, despite widespread protest. According to TechCrunch, a stay of execution has been granted by Belgian radio conglomerate Radionomy. Radionomy has some 6,000 stations in its catalog already, with an emphasis on a do-it-yourself platform that anyone can use to create more »

HomeTechTell Review: OSD Audio Sound Platform SP2.1 Table-Top Surround Sound System

If you don’t have the option, or don’t want the option, of installing a full-blown stereo system near your TV — an AV receiver, at least two speakers, all of the cabling that goes with them — this device is a very fine compromise.

Despacio : 50,000 Watts of Audiophile Club Sound

We’ve all been in a club at some point or another, and as enthusiasts we know just how bad the sound is in these venues. Poor channel isolation, reflections all over the place, and, dear god, the system is half subwoofers and playing the stuff those kids who won’t get off my lawn listen to more »

Audience Announces ClairAudient 1+1 Loudspeaker

A new loudspeaker from Audience has made its debut. The ClairAudient 1+1 is a bi-pole, front- and rear-radiating speaker. Audience’s proprietary A3-S full-range drivers, placed both in front and in back, provide, in Audience’s view: extremely flat frequency response from 50Hz to 22kHz (depending on room placement), eliminating the need for a separate woofer, midrange driver, more »

Sony Expands Hi-Res Music Line

It remains to be seen whether consumers take much interest in Sony’s new  line, but Sony isn’t wasting any time in expanding the lineup even before it properly launches. The company announced late last week the addition of two new products to the line: the PHA-2 portable headphone DAC/amplifier (an updated version of its ) and the more »