Top tech Valentines

Chocolates, schmocolates. Flowers, schmowers. Who needs candy and plants this Valentines when you can give the gift of technology? It’s far less fattening and much more rewarding to have a little something that makes your loved one’s life easier, greener, or more entertaining. While we don’t suggest a high-tech toothbrush or a robotic vacuum cleaner, which could potential be offensive, these tech toys are sure to delight, so prepare to pucker up.


Can’t find the right AV furniture? Salamander lets you design your own

Finding the perfect piece of entertainment furniture can be tricky business. For one, you have to make sure you have enough shelving, and that the shelving is spaced correctly, with enough height and width to accommodate your various-sized components. Next, you have to worry about ventilation and, if you are using it for speakers, acoustic transparency. Wire management is also important, as is minimizing errant vibrations. On top of that, there is the little matter of aesthetics that can make or break the deal.

How to fix flat screen glare

Welcome to a series of guests blog from leading SANUS. Each blog will feature a problem commonly encountered among average homeowners, with advice on how to fix it. Here, SANUS’s Lauren Theobald takes a look at one of the most common problems with a bright and sunny living room—Flat Screen Glare.


5 tips to trick out your home theater or media room

  A flat-panel TV and a bowl of popcorn do not a home theater make. Whether you are taking your media-room system up a notch or creating a room dedicated to home theater, there is always room for improvement. Here are some easy ways to instantly make your system, and experience, better. 1) Upgrade Your more »

Top Tech Trends for 2013

2013 was a good year for technology–and especially home technology. From higher-quality, design-friendly audio to TVs with really high IQs, 2013 saw the introduction and adoption of some great technology. Here are our top tech trends for the year, in no particular order. New Audio Makes Its Way to Your Living Room It’s been a more »

Danger Alert: Don’t Let the TV Fall on Your Kid!

Did you know that every three weeks a child is killed from a free-falling TV? I know, news like this is no way to start your day. But Sanus is doing something about it by spreading the word and donating $25,000 from TV wall mount proceeds this holiday season to–and organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children.


Does Stanley’s TLX-350FM Full Motion TV Wall Mount Help You Do Things Right?

TV mounts: Everyone knows what they are, but few people outside the electronics industry recognize the brand names (even though there are great ones like Sanus, Chief Manufacturing, OmniMount and more). So it’s a welcome development when a well-established brand like Stanley shows up in this ever-growing category, with products like the TLX-350FM Full Motion more »

CINEAK Introduces New Luxury Seating Options

It could be argued that a CINEAK seat is a luxury in and of itself, what with the customizaton options, incredible construction, articulating headrests, and all of the other things designed to enhance your laziness. But the company has just introduced a slew of options that take luxury to the next level. At the top more »


Mounting Your TV? Don’t Mount It Too High!

We recently spoke with Betsey Banker of OmniMount about where you should place your TV mount. Betsey advises: Not too high! The first thing someone said to me when I mounted my TV was, “It’s mounted so low.” That person might have been right, but it wasn’t done accidentally. Mounting your TV at the right height can reduce eye and more »


New SpaceMaker TV Pedestal Makes Room for Big-Ass Center Channels

Ah, the TV. Ah, the big-ass center channel. Two things I love, but two great tastes that don’t always taste great together. If, like me, you have a big flat panel TV and a gigantic center channel, you know that mating the two isn’t always easy. Because most TV furniture isn’t designed to get the more »

Sanus’ New Trillium Cabinet Collection is Sexy and Spacious

My media room has undergone quite the transformation in recent months. First, there was the new addition of Paradigm’s gorgeous Studio 100 tower speakers, then it was in with some new furniture and out with some old. There’s been a bit of rearranging and opening up of the layout, too, and as such it’s starting more »

RedSeat Entertainment Brings Tremor FX Tushy Rumbling Technology Home

Let’s face it: as awesome as D-Box is, the pre-programmed motion simulation system is a little pricey for most home theaters. For my own personal use, my Crowson tactile motion system is way more in the realm of the realistic, and for some people actually way less distracting, since it doesn’t rock you and sway more »