Unveiled at CES, Skylink PowerHub has smarts & wireless

To say that anything related to smarthome products and/or automation was big at CES 2015 is a gross understatement. Although there was a clustered area dedicated to such booths, you were able to find manufacturers in almost every hall. It made things a little difficult for those with a home-centric interest. This explosion of devices more »

Acoustic Research adds refined outdoor audio at CES 2015

When it comes to roaming the vast expanses of carpet and concrete for CES 2015, there is almost no shortage of speakers. Like, seriously. Although it’s hard for me to say if there are more this year, compared to CES 2014, I can vouch for seeing an uptake in style and innovation. One theme I’ve more »

Energy saving for 2015 resolution? Flir has gadgets for you!

One of my favorite aspects of 2014 tech has been the ‘greener’ nature of products. LED bulbs are so much more efficient and last longer than the traditional kind. New home automation & connectivity allow for efficient use and scheduling of lights, fans, heaters, sprinklers, and more. The solar energy market is still growing, helping users more »

The iCamPRO FHD is set to impress at 2015 CES, Kickstarter

Home automation and monitoring is shaping up to be the big thing for 2015. Even though products have been hitting the consumer shelves for well over a year, innovation and design are starting to catch up and improve the most recent releases. When it comes to home security, the next big star just might be more »


The sexiest new home audio speakers for 2014

There are speakers…and then there are speakers. Speakers that are sexy, powerful, sleek, big even. Speakers that throw caution to the wind and risk pissing off your interior designer. Speakers that are towering works of art. Speakers that laugh at the thought of being hidden in a wall. Speakers that might just kick your ass if you don’t give them the proper respect. We love them paired with their shorter, but mighty henchman, the subwoofer.

Control your ‘Mother’ like never before

As my sister once described it, being a mom is a ‘total ass-whoop’, and you need every shred of help you can get. But if have endless supplies of energy, you really don’t have anything to complain about, do you? Permanent LED smiles don’t hurt, either.


Wireless locks: safe or sketchy?

Wireless locks are a popular thing right now, and for good reason. Imagine being stuck in traffic and your dinner guests arrive early…just send them an e-key so they can let themselves in (and hopefully turn on the oven). Want your housekeeper to clean while you are on vacation? No problem, you can open and close doors remotely from anywhere you have Internet access, then come home to a nice clean house. Want to lock out your psycho soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend before she sets the place on fire? No problem.


Where the heck is the Apple smart home?

With all the recent buzz about the smart home, and home-technology innovation running rampant, it begs the question: Where the bejesus is Apple? On the heels of the recent announcement that Google purchased Nest for a jaw-dropping $3.2 billion, Apple’s silence on the smart-home front is puzzling in the quest for smart-home world domination. Sure, there are higher-end Apple-based solutions like those from Savant, but as far as user-installed smart home technology, it’s been crickets so far.

This Is Cool: Piper All-in-One Security/Automation Device

  While it may look like a compact bookshelf speaker, Blacksumac’s Piper is actually a panoramic security camera with siren, Z-Wave home automation, and environmental sensors (like temperature) all built in to one little package. You can set up rules for Piper for various “If…Then” scenarios. For example, “If motion is detected while I’m on more »

Don’t Let Floors Get You Down, Get a Moneual Robot

For many, the mundane tasks of doing the dishes, laundry, and cleaning make it better to leave the house in order to relax than be plagued by the dust bunnies taunting you from under the couch. Moneual is making it easier than ever to take care of those dust bunnies with its Smart Robot Vacuum more »

Not Ready for Ultra HD? Sharp’s Q+ Series HDTVs Will Display 4K!

After sitting through a bajillion press conferences at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), I came away with a bit of a 4K headache. It’s exciting, sure. And yes, the picture quality is mind-blowing on sets from Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, and LG. But what if I’m just not ready to take the 4K more »

Samsung Introduces Lumen Home Automation Hub

Samsung has been pretty busy over the last year or so making everyday appliances into Internet-connected wunderkinds. But one area they have yet to dabble in is the nitty gritty of home automation–the heat, the light, the locks–that is, until now. The Lumen is a device intended to replace a light switch or thermostat somewhere more »