PlayOn giving away free Chromecast for cable-cutting

For the last couple of years, my local cable providers have been setting up aggressive pricing deals. At one point about 18 months ago, AT&T was giving either a tablet or $200 off for new customers signing a 1-year contract (for TV + internet). Surewest currently has internet and TV bundled for only $65 a more »

Beat the Amazon Prime price hike with this trick!

People love Amazon Prime. Not only does it give you Netflix-style streaming with exclusive shows, you get free two-day shipping on everything you buy, letting you take advantage of small-item sales without losing all the savings to shipping. But is the joy about to end?

EXCLUSIVE deal on the Proficient GS6 6.5-inch subwoofer

We’ve entered into an arrangement with leading online retailer World Wide Stereo on a series of EXCLUSIVE deals on electronics that you won’t find anywhere else. Today we debut our series with a crazy deal on the Proficient GS6 6.5-inch subwoofer.