Want a smarter, more powerful smarthome? Go for Oomi.

These days, it seems that every company has already thrown their hat into the smarthome, IoT/IoE ring. If you want wireless lights or wireless sockets or home alarm/monitoring systems, there’s plenty enough choice to go around. But that in itself ends up being a problem. If you’re like me, then you have at least half more »

Want a smart way to improve health, nutrition in the kitchen?

There are many ways, big and small, to upgrade a home to make it smarter. Things like lights, home monitoring cameras, alarm systems, and thermostats are the usual suspects. But what if you want something beyond a simple convenience or peace of mind? So then how about a smart kitchen device that encourages better eating and a healthier lifestyle?

Neurio Home Intelligence now available for pre-order, 15% off

It’s always great to see a successfully-funded Kickstarter project make it all the way through to the point of shipping to backers and starting up pre-orders. Such is the case with Neurio, one of the latest bits of technology set to smarten up the home. Unlike other smarthome devices that provide wireless control and/or automation more »

Energy saving for 2015 resolution? Flir has gadgets for you!

One of my favorite aspects of 2014 tech has been the ‘greener’ nature of products. LED bulbs are so much more efficient and last longer than the traditional kind. New home automation & connectivity allow for efficient use and scheduling of lights, fans, heaters, sprinklers, and more. The solar energy market is still growing, helping users more »

Keep homes healthy with WeMo enabled Smart Humidifier

Personally, I like my air as I do deadpan comedic humor – cold and dry. I remember the first time I ever visited the East coast as a kid. That first, fresh breath of summer air outside the airplane felt like I was gulping down a soggy sink sponge. It was a bit of a more »

Philips Georgetown University discovers Baby Boomers fail to take necessary steps to insure independent lifestyle they desire

In a shocking new study performed by Georgetown University, it was discovered that 96% of Baby Boomers think it’s important to remain as independent as possible in old age, but only 21% plan to incorporate new technology solutions into their lives. According to the Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of more »

Which dead animal in your fridge could make you sick? The Peres e-nose will tell you

Ever buy fresh meat or fish and then forget to put it in the freezer after a couple days? An upcoming product called Peres could help you make a decision about whether to keep it (yum!) or toss it (because of potential food poisoning).

14 hundred billion! The trouble With “Internet of Things” forecasts

The Internet of Things is the next big thing. There’s been talk about it everywhere, from CES to every smaller technology trade show since CES. Even Apple, in its World Wide Development Conference keynote on Monday, got into the act, announcing an effort to create apps that will help iOS devices interface with appliances, garage more »


TVPRO brings PC, mobile features to TVs

As more consumers are looking to cutting cable, devices that provide greater utility from television sets are growing in popularity. Media players, HTPCs, and streaming devices make it to the top of the list.  With the right app and/or cables, users can share and experience their mobile content on the large screen, too. It beats more »

Panasonic transforms TV into interactive home healthcare portal

In one of many announcements this week about the marriage of home and healthcare, Panasonic Corporation of North America and Jewish Home Lifecare, a nonprofit geriatric health and rehabilitation institution, launched the Pathways to Health pilot program designed to improve the quality of care for the growing number of older Americans with chronic diseases, while reducing costs.

Home health care gets cheaper with Intel-GE/ iHealth partnership

  iHealth has a lot of devices that monitor your well-being–connected scales, sleep monitors, activity trackers, blood pressure monitors, you name it. Now, Intel-GE Care Innovations is teaming up with this maker of consumer-friendly devices to integrate the company’s vital sign monitoring products into the Care Innovations Connect Platform for remote care management. This platform more »


Breathe easy in the home with advanced ‘smart’ flooring

Combining new technology with old or existing products is a common trend, as companies seek to bring the internet of things to all aspects of our lives. LG recently made available its latest AC unit, and the Honeywell Bluetooth air purifier is now exclusively available at Best Buy. Samsung is poised to start rolling out its Samsung Smart Home service by the year’s end.